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Tea Time with Liv

Think, dream, believe success

What is success to you? Is that being rich at the end of the day? Buying a brand new house? A new car? Opening a new store? Maybe a promotion at work?

For each and every one of us, success means something different. There is no right or wrong answer to this question.

If you have no idea what would make you successful, you need to sit down and write down all you feel makes YOU successful. You cannot work towards success without knowing what it means. Don't write down what makes others successful or what others believe is successful. This is about you and your desire to achieve a level of success within yourself and your business. You may find being able to have spending money for yourself is successful.

Once you know what success is to you, you can dream of success. Dream of all you want no matter how big or small. Think of success every day, all day. Believe you can be successful.

Dream success. Dream big. Dream bigger than you can imagine. Dreaming does not mean you have to reach an exalted level. It means you strive and desire for bigger and better. You want more. In your dreams you can have it all. Dream of it. You can have it all if you want it bad enough. Keep dreaming every day.

Think success. In every day life, think about your pending success. Think about your past and present success. As you think of your success you will want to move forward tot he next success. This is what drives you to keep moving forward. You may feel you are not a success but think about what you have achieved. You most likely have graduated high school. You may not believe this to be success but you have achieved something many others have not. You may have a family now. You are a success at raising your family. You live on your own. This is a success.

Believe success. You must believe you are successful. If you have achieved a goal in life, you have succeeded. That is success. Believe in what you can do. Believe you can go further. Believe you are a success.

As a WAHM you need to think, dream, and believe in your success. Without these 3 things you will not fulfill your desires of success in business. Success is for you. Success is not defined by society's view of success. If you follow what others think of success, you will not be truly happy. Thrive in your idea of success. Enjoy your success.

Olivia Vidal
© 2009


Christie said...

What a fabulous post!! I am thinking success and I will continue to do so and visit this post often for a reminder!

Mywishthemovie said...

"Nothing worth gaining was ever gained without effort."

Theodore Roosevelt

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