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Tea Time with Liv

WAHM or SAHM? What is the difference?

Over the years you have seen these terms and they are interchangeable depending on the situation. Before we discuss these, lets define them.

WAHM - Work At Home Mother/Mom... This means you have some sort of business that you work from home. This may be crafts, direct sales, or a business you started. This can mean you have children at home while you work or they may be at school while you work. Either way if you generate income from home you are a WAHM

SAHM - Stay At Home Mother/Mom... This means you stay home with the children and your only job is raising your children. You do not generate an income from home. You may have children at home all day or at school part of the day. If you generate no income from the house and no outside work you are a SAHM

When asked whether you are a WAHM or a SAHM you are not both. I see many say oh I do both or I am a part-time WAHM and a full-time SAHM.

If you are a SAHM, embrace it. Enjoy it for all its worth. There is absolutely nothing wrong with staying home to raise the beautiful children you have.

If you are a WAHM, embrace it. There is nothing wrong with making an income by working from home and raising your children.

If you are a WAHM you need to have the mentality of this. If you do not see yourself as a WAHM or see yourself as a WAHM and a SAHM this can and does hinder your success. You need to see yourself as a working mom with a job.

In the past I have talked about schedules as a WAHM and why these are important. The use or lack of use is why you need these schedules. You need to work your business. Doesn't matter if you make money blogging, crafting, selling avon, transcribing, or do home parties. If you want to make money, start it with attitude. You will see the difference.

Olivia Vidal
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