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Tea Time with Liv

Are you missing that sale?

Every situation offers an opportunity. With every opportunity is a potential sale or recruit. Ask yourself, are you closing the deal or allowing it to pass by?

No matter whether you are approaching the opportunity or the opportunity has approached you, you still need to close the deal. Very few times will the deal close itself. You cannot count on this. So the question remains, do you close the deal or do you allow it to pass by?

Before you talk about the close, lets touch on why you sell. Do you want to sell or do you need to sell? You may often find yourself hoping and sometimes even begging for the opportunity to show what you can offer and maybe make a sale. You may be thinking and focusing on how you really need this sale and hope you get it this time! After all you have a family to take care of and bills to pay. Do you stop and think that it is possible your customer may be able to pick up on this? You bet they can pick up on it. Salespeople often present themselves as if they need to make the sale. Instead, its much more effective to have the mindset of wanting to make the sale simply because it is going to benefit the customer’s life and business. This means not making selling about YOU and about how much you can assist the customer with what you have to offer. This also means stay away from the sympathy sale. Don't discuss how your lights are about to be turned off and you need to make a certain amount.This gives you zero value, red flags go up on whether this is a scam or not, and will quickly shift into defense about why they do not want to buy. Stay away from desperate, and show you are successful and sincere. As they say you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.

Fear of rejection is the primary reason why salespeople do not ask for the order. The worst a customer can say is no. That no doesn't have to be forever. It can mean no not right now. Down the road when they need it, it will become a yes.

Lets talk about the close. We have been trained to push the features and the benefits in hopes this will sell itself. It doesn't. It ends up as a long boring ad that loses the potential customers attention. It does not lead to a sale close. This does not mean don't discuss features and benefits. You touch on these quickly. Example "the aloe will make your skin smooth relieving you of the dry skin you have been suffering". This is a feature and a benefit. This is not a close and you do not need 30 minutes of features and benefits. Some may buy but don't be blinded by the instant success. Most times they already expect to buy and do. This usually happens almost immediate.

When closing a sale the assumptive close is the best. This is the most common close when it comes to sales. This one is assuming your customer has made a decision. You go in confident they love what you have to offer and you close the sales conversation with "What color do you like?" or "Did you want 1 or 2?". Can you see where I am going? You are moving the sale along to close the deal. You are not allowing them time to think of why they don't want it or why they need it. It does not mean you have to be pushy. If they tell you not today. You follow with "that's OK let me leave you with this catalog to look over our line and a business card to call me with any questions." You may even want to open the catalog to the produce they are looking at and remind them of any sales. DO NOT end here. You WILL be following up in a couple days.

Some prefer a demonstration close by showing a specific product and how it is used. To me this is not a separate type of close from others. It should be all inclusive when offering any product for sale. This should be your lead into your chosen close.

You can go with the alternative close which is sometimes referred by some as the alternative choice close. How this works is similar to the assumptive close but you are giving the customer limited choices. This would go something like "did you want the vanilla or the lavender scent?" or "we have 3 colors - blue, yellow, red. What color did you prefer?"

Another favorite is the diary, calendar, future close. This is again assuming the deal is done but its a future close. You close today's discussion with "are you free Friday at 1pm" or "what day next week would you like to meet?"

You can try what I like as the up down close. You offer a customer the product with the higher price first, then move down to the lower priced item. This will look something like "our porcelain tea pot is a steal at $45. Let me show you our popular rose tea pot for only $30. Which can I get for you today, the porcelain or rose tea pot?" They will see it as a good deal and choose that item. Choose carefully but this is an effective close.

Have you ever had a vacuum salesperson come over or another type of salesperson come to your house for a free demonstration? You have probably been pressured with it is now or never, maybe been forced into feeling embarrassed, told how other neighbors have it so they use the peer pressure close, or compliment you to death. These are all closes they are taught to get you to buy. Some of these tactics work fantastic. You may not think so but that is why they use them. They work. These may not work for you so find your closing that gives you a good close rate. I like to shoot for 25%. That may not seem like a lot but that is 1 in every 4 people you come in contact will buy and half will become repeat customers.

Watch a customer's face and body language. If they are engaged in what you are saying, you need to move towards a close. If they appear bored, leaned back, arms crossed, they are not interested. You either need to change directions to get them interested or close with a future close and let them think on it.

Never attempt to close when they seem anger or negative in any way. Most times this can lead to an argument. Never argue with a customer. They may not be angry with you. Maybe they have a defiant child and just want to get through it so they can go about their business. Again close with a future close.

Make the sale easy. Fill out order forms, applications, offer delivery, help them make a secure payment. Take the reigns and let them enjoy the pampering of an easy sale. The easier the sale, the more they will buy. This is not the close. This is moving the close along taking the task off your customers shoulders.

When a customer chooses an item, up sale. If they purchase a candle, they need a candle holder. They order face wash, they need moisturizer. A purse purchase means they need a handbag caddy or keychain. There is always something to up sale. This is not pressure. You are simply offering them items they never thought of.

Sell to their needs and wants. Do not sell to them for your needs a wants. Never sell based on price. Some find this as an up sell which can be true. I find that selling to their needs rather than price will seal the deal easier than if they are spending smart. You can use the tactic of

Do not over close. This will only talk the customer out of the sale rather into one. If they feel the pressure is on, they just want out.

No matter how you close, this is not a one and done sale. This is the beginning of a long lasting customer relationship. You will need to close every sale even if the customer has been buying for years.

If you want the sale, go get it. Don't wait for it to come to you. This does not matter if the sale is online or off. Go for the close and get the sale.

Olivia Vidal
© 2009


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