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"The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible"

~ Anonymous

Tea Time with Liv

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I am always looking for great resources for WAHMs. I came across Office Depots webcafe where they offer free webinars. Everything from social networking to organizing your business.

The next webinar they offer is on Tuesday, February 2nd at 4pm ET
10 Marketing Ideas for Under $100 (60min)

  • Make relationships count
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  • What is an effective communication plan for your clients that keeps you visible, consistent and pleasantly persistent in the marketplace

  • http://www.officedepot.com/webcafe

    Whether you are a new business owner or in the business for years you can always learn something new and refine your skills.

    * Liv's WAHM Blog is not associated with Office Depot and is not compensated.

    Olivia Vidal
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    One Step At A Time

    Success is one step at a time. It is not overnight and not without work. For some it is more than they are willing to give. If you want to start at the top you will need to dig a hole.

    Everyone who got where they are now had to begin at the bottom. Don't look at where a successful persons is now. Look at where they were and how they go to where they are now. You will see sacrifice, hard work, and dedication.

    Your opportunity for success is right in front of you. You just have to learn to recognize it when you see it. In the beginning you will create your own opportunities rather than wait for the opportunity. As you grow and learn you will begin to seize opportunities. Never wait for an opportunity. If you wait, it will pass you by not realizing it has.

    To attain success or to reach your goal, don't worry about having all the answers in advance. You just need to have a clear idea of your goal and move toward it. The answers will follow as you move forward.

    Don't procrastinate when faced with a difficult problem. You have to face a problem to solve it. Break your problems into smaller parts and handle each part at a time. You will be surprised how easy and quickly you can overcome these. Break your biggest goals into small steps and take the first step right away. The longer you wait to make the first step the more likely you are to fail. Success starts with a first step.

    You can make something happen today. You just have to get out there and make it happen. Don't wait for it to happen. If you wait, you will always wait while others propel themselves ahead of you.

    Your success begins one step at a time.

    Olivia Vidal
    © 2009 - 2010

    WAHM Tip of the Week

    Do you hold home parties? Recycle those old real estate signs. Contact a local real estate office or a sign shop and ask about old real estate signs. Revamp them to note where a party is. Most have a plastic container that holds flyers. Next time you have a home party, yours or a hostess, take the sign and post for guests to easily find. Attach balloons to make these noticeable and fill with flyers so others can take one as they pass by.

    Olivia Vidal
    © 2009-2010

    Finding the Right Sponsor

    Finding the right sponsor is just as important as finding the right company. Finding the wrong sponsor can set the tone of a failed business regardless of how great the company is.

    How can you learn from a sponsor who is unknowledgeable or only cares about the added commission?

    Now you may be a go-getter and willing to take the bull by the horns but without direction and support you can lose motivation, become misguided or misinformed, learn bad habits, or even have an unfair opinion of a company based on your sponsor.

    There are 2 ways you will have come to have a sponsor with your new business - you will either choose one or be assigned one.

    When you choose one its is because you have had a conversation with and willing to join the team of the consultant who's team you will be part of. When you are assigned a sponsor this is because you have decided to join a company but not had a conversation with a consultant and willing to join their team.

    When joining a company I highly recommend going in with a sponsor rather than joining blindly. When you choose your sponsor you have already established a relationship and rapport.

    Regardless of whether you choose or are assigned a sponsor, this person will benefit financially from your successful sales. They receive compensation as your support. This is a job not a free ride. This is why you must choose the right sponsor for you.

    When thinking about joining don't automatically go with your best friend. Your friend may have just joined for the discount and not interested in building a business while you are interested in a full-time business.Business and friendship are not one in the same. These are separate and you must have a business mind here. This is not saying don't join a friend. This just means choose wisely and choose the path that will secure the most successful path in your new venture.

    Here are a few tips to choosing the right sponsor:

    You will want to choose a person who is compatible with you. Someone you get along with and feel good about. Sometimes you just know.

    You will want to interview more than 1 potential sponsor to find one that you believe is right for you.

    Choose someone with similar goals. If your goal is to replace a full-time income and/or build a large team, a sponsor who joined the company to get a discount on the products is probably not the best mentor for you. You want a sponsor with similar goals who can share what has or hasn't worked for her.

    You will want to choose a sponsor to mentor you based on the level of experience you desire. If you do not want someone brand new, do not select a sponsor that is new. If you are brand new to direct sales you will want a mentor who has been with the company for more than 1 year who has the ability to help you in ways you will need help.

    During your interview of potential sponsors you will want to ask if they offer continued support and training. Some choose to get you started then let you run with it will others continually mentor regardless of your success.

    How you plan to market your business can also be a determining factor when choosing the right sponsor. If you plan to market and build a team offline you will want to choose a sponsor who is local rather than our of state. Having a sponsor who is local can be beneficial with parties, one on one training. If you choose to build your business strictly online you can benefit from a sponsor that is long distance. These sponsors have learned the tricks of the trade when it comes to online marketing.

    Some sponsors will offer their own incentive when joining their team. While this may be enticing you have to stick to the goal at hand, finding the right sponsor for your success.

    If the sponsor you choose decides to leave the company, what will happen to you? Will you move to your upline's sponsor? If so you may want to talk with their sponsor as well to ensure the you have the right fit.

    Will you be interacting with a team in a regular basis? Learn about the team and the dynamics of the team. Something as simple as the team is filled with young mothers while you are the lone grandmother can give you a sense of not belonging. It has nothing to do with whether or not they make you feel this way.

    Don't let a sponsor sell you into a business you are not comfortable with. If you feel pressured you will not start on the right foot. Join when you are ready and when it feels right. Go with your instincts.

    Starting out on the right foot is one step closer to success.

    Olivia Vidal
    © 2009

    Tips for Effective Networking

    Networking can be very effective in building your business if done right. Networking needs to be consistent regardless if you are networking online or offline.

    Networking takes place in everyday life. If you need a new doctor you ask a friend or you when you need a new hairdresser. This is networking

    Here are a few basics when it comes down to networking.

    Networking is NOT about selling your business or products to everyone you meet. It is about gaining contacts and getting your name out there.

    Don’t come on too strong the first time you meet new people. People are put off when you are overly aggressive. Relax and speak casually yet professionally.

    Share about yourself, not just your business. You want to build a relationship and not just be a walking ad 24/7. People do business with people they know and trust.

    Ask people what they do and invite them to share about themselves and their business. Showing genuine interest and not making it all about "me" makes you likeable and someone others want to do business with.

    Listen more than you talk and ask questions that will get people talking. This will be done in return as well so don't worry you are talking about everyone else and you never come up.

    Ask for their business card. Getting the business card allows you to follow up. You can exchange cards if you wish but always get their card or if online, their email or IM name. Ask permission to contact them again. If you don't ask you will spam them. Nobody likes being invaded.

    Make notes on things contacts offer that might be useful to yourself or others. Keep index cards on hand to make notes and file the business card with the index card. This is also great to make note if a contact makes mention of an occasion coming up such as a birthday or anniversary. This gives you a reason to pick up the phone and make a call.

    Find common ground with the person you’re getting to know. If you both enjoy wine tasting, you have something to talk about other than business. If you have nothing in common you may not be comfortable talking to this person outside of business. That can make the contact awkward so find that common ground.

    If asked what you do don’t give someone a long sales pitch. Keep it short and informative. This is where your mini commercial comes in. This is a 20-30 second explanation of what you do, why you love it, and shows your enthusiasm.

    Always tell the person you were talking with it was a pleasure meeting them and ask if it is ok if you add them to your contact list. The worst thing you can do is add them without permission and insult them. Never burn bridges.

    Don't file your contacts away never to be heard from again. Use them when you need something. Refer them when someone else needs them. If you don't use or refer their services they will forget about you. When you refer someone, tell them to mention your name such as "tell them Olivia from So Chic Bag Boutique referred you." This will remind them of who you are and not just a name.

    Keep it professional. Watch your language. Offensive language will not be tolerated and you will be tossed to the side. People want to do business with professionals.

    If you do it right networking and propel your business in the right direction.

    Olivia Vidal
    © 2009

    WAHM Tip of the Week

    As a WAHM we tend to grab food on the go. Most times these are unhealthy snacks and meals. Those unhealthy snacks and meals equal unwanted pounds. Have healthy snacks on hand throughout the day. The night before while making dinner or lunches for the next day, prepare healthy meals for yourself. Opt for cut fresh fruit, veggies, and cheese. Create a healthy salad and use the meat from the night before on your salad. Have several bottles of water available daily and skip the soda. If its not in reach, its not convenient.

    Olivia Vidal
    © 2009

    Go for the Goal

    As a WAHM building a business, at the top of your list is your goals. Your goals are your foundation and direction in which your business moves forward and build. Without goals you will wander in every direction but forward.

    When thinking about your goals, these need to be realistic. What are realistic business goals? A realistic goal is what you should be able to meet with persistence and hard work. This does not mean keep them simple. Challenge yourself but make sure you are aware of the achievable limits of these goals. An example of an unrealistic goal is making a million dollars and live debt free within 1 year. A realistic goal is to make enough money to pay for your mortgage payment using your profits after 1 year.

    If you meet that goal, go back and set a new goal. Once your achieve a goal, your goal setting is not over. You should always be setting and striving to achieve goals. If you achieve a goal early, great! Move on to the next.

    Why should you set business goals? Setting goals give you focus and a reason for being in business in the first place. It does not matter whether you are selling your homemade candles or you have just become the new beauty consultant in your neighborhood for an up and coming company.

    When beginning to think about your goals, think short term. Take baby steps. You can't go from the bottom to over the top over night. Do it right and do it right the first time. Start with how much you would like to earn each month. Now remember to keep this realistic. There is no such thing as fast money in an honest business. Lets start with $100 a month. This number sounds very reasonable and less intimidating. Make it more attainable by breaking it down further to weekly. In this case it would be $25 a week. Maybe your weekly or monthly goal will be sponsoring a new member to your team or courting a new customer even breaking out of your shell and meeting new people and giving out your card. If you are in a home party plan you goal could be 1 party booking a week at bare minimum. Your goals are anything you will achieve to build a flourishing business.

    Now that you have your short term goal, how are you going to achieve this? Time to make a list. This is where that notebook I have mentioned time and time again comes in. How many new people will you approach? Will you host a party that week? This is the time to be honest with yourself and know what you will and will not do to achieve those goals. The only thing between you and your achievement is you.

    While you are thinking about and setting your short term business goals, you also want to keep in mind the long term business goals. I suggest starting with looking at 6 months ahead and 1 year ahead. What kinds of goals would you like to have met in your business in 6 months and at 1 year? Can you see yourself obtaining these goals? Start with 1 year and write down all the things you wish to accomplish at this point in time during that first year. Once you have your 1 year goals, break it down to 6 months.

    By now you should have weekly, monthly, a 6 month goal, and a 1 year goal. Don't write them down to never be seen again. Put these on your calendar. Refer to them often. Look over them from time to time and modify anything that may have changed. Make new goals to replace goals achieved. Never go a day without having a goal. If at any time you miss a goal, don't beat yourself up over it. Accept it, learn from it, keep moving.

    You have your goals now go after them!

    Olivia Vidal
    © 2009

    WAHM Tip of the Week

    Get dressed in the morning. Get ready for the day just as you would if you had a job outside the home. Getting ready for the day helps you feel refreshed. Getting out of bed and straight to work keeps you feeling sluggish through the day. Prepared for the day makes for a productive day.

    Olivia Vidal
    © 2009

    Happy New Year!

    I wish you all a wonderful 2010!

    Olivia Vidal
    © 2009

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