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Tea Time with Liv

Buyer beware

Everyone wants to make money fast and will do almost anything to get it. In the end there is no fast money. As they say, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Money gurus selling you a book or software to make large amounts of money fast make their money selling you the product. If they made millions prior they did it because they worked years to build their business. Not because they just suddenly started employing the same techniques they are teaching. They didn't make instant money and neither will you.

If someone is not making good money doing what they are teaching, why are you taking advice from them? Never take money advice from anyone who can't make good money doing the same thing. Easy way to tell is if they teach you how to make good money then mention they are struggling with paying the rent, this is not the person you would be taking money advice from especially if they are charging for it. If they are just passing on what they just found, this is different.

Lately there are a lot of people selling you tips on making money using Google Adsense. Some are charging huge amounts of money. While this can generate good money, you need solid, consistent traffic to your site first. This takes time to establish a good following on places such as a blog. You need to provide solid information for your chosen blog topic not individual blog post. If your individual blog posts range in topic, how can you get a solid following? If your blog consists of coupon and savings you don't end up talking about how to repair a fence. That is not how you get a following. You can learn this on your own without paying someone and probably more solid information. Search out the lists of keywords that pay more if this is what you are interested in. Search out lists of topics least written about. This can usually be figured out with the Adsense list.

This takes me to the next one, blog writing. Everyone has an opinion about blogs. Seems the ones with the loudest opinion are ones who don't even have a blog. You know what they say - Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach. Write about what you love not what others think you should write about. Stay within a niche you love and can write about for years to come. Not because it will bring an income. The fastest way to fail is to work with something you are not interested in except the money.

Beware of buying into programs that are not designed for the WAHM. There are schemes promoted daily that say you can work right from home but you spend so much time on the phone or having to go out of the house, it is no longer the WAH business. If you are trying to stay at home with the kids you need to find programs that allow you to. Do your research.

Be careful when it comes to those selling you services that will "boost" your sales. I seen somewhere that someone was selling their services to create youtube videos for business promotion. Out of curiosity I clicked on their portfolio of videos and they are nothing but a few frames that move, some taken of computer screen with a PC cam, and music. They had no formal training in video production. Being I have I can tell you the do's and dont's. A 30 second video should be a commercial. It needs to tell you what the product is, why you need it, how to get it. These had absolutely no content and obviously amateur work. These are a complete and utter waste of money. Others will see them as cheap and click off as fast as they clicked on. And to boot they are charging $100 for these. I seen someone elsewhere making video shorts for $25 and they had far more content and had experience doing this. If you are going to spend good money on a product, make sure they have a solid background in the ability to create what you need. This includes those who make business cards and brochures. Last thing you need is someone who decided one day they were going to become a graphic artist and start making cheap business cards.

Another new development lately is press releases. Press releases have been around as long as newspapers but WAHM services doing this is newer ti seems. I have seen some amazing press releases as well as WAHMs who know who and where to send them. There are many that do not know how to write one, have a generic one that is just a fill in the blank type of write up, and only submit these to yahoo groups and message boards. That is fine but not far enough. These should be released to local newspapers, TV stations, radio stations, and so on Be cautious here. You don't want writers who just send a press release to anyone. They need to go to appropriate editors and editors who are accepting press releases and the type of press release you need sent. Just because they send them out to a wide variety does not make them reputable. Get references before hiring someone to handle your press release.

A long used method is blasting groups with ads. You can hire someone to submit an ad write up to several groups such as on Yahoo! for a specified amount. You may only pay $2.50 per add per 100 blasts but the problem is they are only with ad groups. On these ad groups everyone is doing the same thing, advertising. Nobody is reading. This is just a waste of good money. Make sure before you hire someone to do this they are part of groups that are interactive not just full of ads. Again get references.

High price does not mean quality. Don't pay $50 a month for a banner ad on a site that is not getting a large amount of unique visitors a month and quality repeat visitors. Not just hits. Hits are how many times a page has been visited. Unique visitors are brand new visitors. Before you pay this kind of money on a new site or a site you have never heard of, get proper stats from the site. Reputable companies have this information. Don't listen to expected stats. Expected stats are not a guarantee and should never be sold based on projections. There are highly advertised WAHM sites that are advertised more than just a small handful of sites and this does not mean bran new sites. You can spend less than that on advertising on sites such as Facebook if you want projected stats and they allow you to control your ad budget. These are targeted and you are only charged when someone clicks on the ad not per impressions. If you are going to pay the high dollar search the link where your ad will appear. How many pages is it showing up on? How many times have you seen this link advertised in other places than just a small few? Ask others how many times they have seen the website link. If you can't find it listed anywhere and nobody has seen it, why are you paying high dollar?

Before purchasing any service, shop around. Doing your research is not hard. Submit your question to a search engine. You will be surprised when it actually gives you proper answers. Just don't get sucked in because you haven't educated yourself. Get informed. Save your sanity and your wallet.

Olivia Vidal
© 2009


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