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"The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible"

~ Anonymous

Tea Time with Liv

Relay for Life

Relay for Life is in full swing for 2009!

Our local Relay for Life is June 26-27

For those unfamiliar with Relay for Life, Relay For Life is the American Cancer Society’s signature activity. It offers everyone in a community an opportunity to participate in the fight against cancer. Teams of people camp out at a local high school, park, or fairground and take turns walking or running around a track or path. Our team will be walking a track at Rio Rancho High School in Rio Rancho, NM. Each team is asked to have a representative on the track at all times during the event. Our Relay even this year will run from 7pm to 8am.

We Relay to:

  • Celebrate the lives of those who have battled cancer. The strength of survivors inspires others to continue to fight. My father is a bladder cancer survivor and we celebrate his life at every years event.
  • Remember loved ones lost to the disease. At Relay, people who have walked alongside people battling cancer can grieve and find healing. My grandfather lost his battle to lung cancer in 1992. We walk to remember his life and his battle.
  • Fight Back. We Relay because we have been touched by cancer and desperately want to put an end to the disease. Cancer is no longer a death sentence and this Relay makes that happen.

Help our team reach our goal fundraising goal. Your dollars help fund cancer research and one day we may find the end to such a terrible disease. You can also purchase a luminaria that will light our track as we walk through the night.

Visit my team site at http://main.acsevents.org/goto/SoChicBagBoutique.com

Product Review - MonaVie

This month I had the privilege of reviewing something a little different. I was approached to try MonaVie for 2 weeks and document my experience. What makes this different than before? This was a long term commitment for a true experience. Before it has been 1-2 experiences with one product documented after short term use.

My distributor Andrea Ugalde arranged for me to receive 2 bottles of MonaVie Active to consume over a 2 week period. I was to drink 2 ounces twice a day. I decided the best way for me to commit and consume this product regularly was once when I woke and just before bed.

Here is some brief information found on their site about the formula I will be reviewing.

Enhances your body's joint health.
MonaVie Active features the additional benefits of plant-derived glucosamine, which has been scientifically shown to promote healthy joint function by targeting mobility and flexibility. Designed to support joint performance and recovery, this vital formula delivers the resources your body needs to get moving.

Supports your body's antioxidant and nutritional needs.
MonaVie features a delicious blend of the Brazilian acai berry - one of nature's top superfoods - and 18 other body-beneficial fruits. This Balance-Variety-Balance approach to nutrition delivers powerful antioxidants and phytonutrients to help fight free radicals and maintain your body's overall health.

I received the bottles and literature on January 9, 2009 just 4 days after our discussion concerning the product review. I received 2 bottles well packaged and an envelope full of information about MonaVie.

I began taking MonaVie on the morning of January 13, 2009 with 2 ounces as instructed. I have kept my bottles in the refrigerator as suggested for the best flavor.

My initial reaction was my thought of the feel of the product. It reminded me of a very thin smoothie. It was not very sweet but it also did not feel as though it lacked sweetness. As a whole food product as it has been explained this only contained its natural sugars found in the fruit itself. While this was something different than I have ever tried I was not turned off. Being someone so picky about her food those around me actually took notice I didn't cringe at the thought of having to continue this for 2 weeks.

The first 1-3 days I did not notice any change and my notes did not indicate anything different. I noted my weight on day 1 and will reweigh on day 14. I noted pain levels, my mood, my appetite, my energy. Everything I do in a normal day is being noted so if there is a change that I may not notice, I will find it within my notes.

Day 4 one thing was different. I did not take a nap. This was different as the last several months I have been battling heavy fatigue during the day to the point I was falling asleep at the computer if I did not tell myself to take an appropriate nap. I was still tired though just did not need a nap.

I had expected to go through detox after a couple of days and on day 5 I still had not. I may have just not noticeable enough to be outright obvious it was detox. I again had no nap on day 5.

Day 6 I was tired enough to take a nap. I did all I could to keep my eyes open but like most days in the past several months fatigue took over. This day I noticed I was thirsty more than usual. I usually go through about 5 large glasses of diluted Crystal Light and random glasses of water through the day. This day I increased to 8 glasses of Crystal Light and more water. I did not record my random glasses of water as I should have so this information is not available.

Day 7 I noticed I made less mistakes. Being I have adult ADD and have lived with ADD since my youth I felt every piece of my history should be noted at any change. I noted all mistakes, anything forgotten, anything started that was not completed when it should have. While the it was not significant I did make fewer simple mistakes than usual. I am still thirsty. I drank 7 glasses of Crystal Light and 2 full glasses of water but again I did not notate all random drinks of water.

Day 8-9 mistakes were lesser by 10% from when I started, my energy level seemed higher. I felt less tired, no naps. Less thirsty. This day I recorded 6 glasses of Crystal Light, 2 glasses of water, and notated I felt I made less trips to the sink for a drink of water. I did however note my back hurt a bit more than usual. I have chronic pain stemming from nerve damage in my low back and sciatica as well as arthritis in my pelvis. I have dealt with this since Jan 2004 when I became disabled and unable to work outside of the home. Bad days are not unusual but I did note it so I am including it.

Day 10 I was once again tired to the point I needed a nap. I noted in my diary I thought I only took 2 naps to this point. Looking back I can see I did still take naps the first 3 days. While I have leveled out on mistakes meaning no more than when I started and no less than I indicated earlier in this review I did notice I felt sharper. When I did make a mistake I seem to catch them faster. When a tough question was presented I didn't think on it as long. My husband noticed this as well. My fidgeting has not lessened or my constant being on the go did not drop.

Day 11 my back once again is noted as being painful. I had more bathroom trips this day than other days. Nothing seemed unusual just more frequent. No nap today. I did find myself standing and stretching more often to find renewed energy and just keep my joints and back from tightening. Today I seemed more aware of time. No notations of losing track of time especially when it came to making dinner on time. This day I began working on a dinner plan about 5pm instead of the usual 6pm close to the time my husband is to arrive home.

Day 12 I took my morning shot late. It actually came around 2pm in the afternoon. My appetite seemed less. Even when bored I didn't seem to be hungry. When I ate my portions seemed lesser than the previous 11 days. I went to bed earlier this day. No more tired than usual just in bed earlier.

Day 13 my appetite was the same and had not increased to before. I felt good. Energy was up. Not tired. No nap needed. One thing did happen and that was my back went out on me. Felt as though someone took a bat across the lowest part of my back closest to my hips.

Day 14 still in pain. I was tired this day and did require a nap. My appetite was the same. No increase. My thirst increased again; 8 glasses of Crystal Light 3 glasses of water. I had a hard time holding my weight for long so my weight was not taken this day. My final shot for the 2 weeks left me with just over 1/2 a shot in the bottle.
Although this was a 14 day review I did take the last bit left the MonaVie. This day I was able to stand long enough to support my own weight without assistance so I did take my weight. I did not have a weight loss during the 14 day product review.

During this 14 day review I did notice a few differences - my energy level increased, fatigue was lesser, appetite decreased towards the end of the 14 day review, I became more aware of time, I made 10% less mistakes than when I started, felt sharper during normal day to day tasks during work and personal time. Others noticed some differences and even commented.

Overall my experience with MonaVie has been very positive. The increased energy was a blessing. Nobody could explain the decrease expect for to suggest exercise and change in diet. Without changing anything I did during a normal day including my diet my energy was noticeable. I still had occasion to take naps but certainly not daily as my routine dictated the last several months. While I did notice my appetite decrease I had wished it occurred earlier in the review for better notation. Just seeing the decrease with no changes in my day to day life and diet I was pleased to see my body told me when I had enough before I felt full.

In the end I think this is a fabulous product. I was hesitant at first since I have tasted product like these and they were definitely lacking in the pleasant department. I did hope that being the MonaVie Active formula I would notice some difference in movement or even pain. Had this been a longer review this may have been the case so I cannot fault the product in this area.

I do recommend this product. The experience was wonderful and enlightening. I felt better overall and found something to address an issue that has been bothersome and even embarrassing at times; my energy level.

Andrea Ugalde has been fantastic during this entire process. She has been very attentive, answered my questions fully and within a reasonable time frame. She contacted me several times during this process to see how I was doing and answer any questions I had without feeling as though I was bombarded. Unlike many representatives/distributors I have come across lately, Andrea has been very professional through and through.

I am curious to see how things would take shape after a full month of continued use. I will be looking into making a purchase and exploring this during a full month.

MonaVie can be ordered from Andrea's website at http://www.thegreatproduct.com/ugalde. More information is available about MonaVie if you contact Andrea at Ugalde.RUJuiced@yahoo.com. She can provide you with literature about MonaVie and she has information on opportunities with MonaVie. If you have ever been curious about MonaVie I encourage you to contact Andrea for more information and see is MonaVie is right for you.

Andrea has just announced during February you can join MonaVie as a distributor for free. Contact Andrea Ugalde at Ugalde.RUJuiced@yahoo.com for more information on how to sign up and the benefits you receive as a MonaVie distributor.

*I am in no way associated with MonaVie or compensated for my personal product review. My statements are my personal experience and do not directly reflect the views and opinions of MonaVie or Andrea Ugalde.

Olivia Vidal
© 2009

Product Review - Just Tarts

In October I attended an auction in hopes of a young girl to attend today's inauguration. During that auction I was able to bid on and win a set of assorted tarts from Just Tarts donated by Dena Jones. After resolving a mishap that occurred with receiving my original winnings it only took approximately 5 days to receive my order once handled this January.

*stock photo from the Just Tarts site to show example

I received 24 individual soy tarts in 4 scents - Sweet Pea, Creme Brulee, Muscadine Grape, Grandmas Kitchen. These soy tarts are package in individual containers with a lid. A very clever convenience is each individual tart is labeled with its scent name so there is no mix up.

I was very pleased at the quality of product and the ease of use. These are simple soy tarts without coloring but fantastic fragrance. All you need to do is remove the lid and turn the container over. The tart slips out easily. What I really like about this is your scent is preserved in a closed container rather than in the open and lose some of the intensity over time. Another great thing I found is if I decide the tart I have in the warmer is no longer the scent I wish I can pour the warm wax back into the container for later use. I get to save it for later.

They came carefully wrapped and placed in an envelope. No tarts or containers were damaged in the process.

Once I received my order Dena contacted me to see that I did in fact receive my order and to see how I liked them. Being my first order I was appreciative of this attention.

I do plan to make future purchases from Just Tarts. And at only $0.60 a tart you can mix and match any way you choose at this great price.

You can place an order through Dena at

*I am in no way associated with Just Tarts other than as a customer. I am not compensated for my product review by Dena or Just Tarts.

Olivia Vidal
So Chic Bag Boutique

Coming this week

I am starting to create a schedule of blogs for the week. My time online is becoming less and less due to my husband going to school and needing the computer at night (only until he purchases his laptop). Because of this I have 4 blogs in the works for this week.

2 product reviews - MonaVie and Just Tarts
Starting a website - things to look for and things to watch out for
Relay for Life - what it is all about and how to get involved
And anything else my heart desires

Have a topic you wish for me to cover? Send me your ideas.

CPSIA changes are coming. Are you ready?

First off I am seeing a lot of bad information going around lately and want to encourage everyone to visit their site. You will come across some great people who have read the regulations word for word but in the end you are accepting legal advice from someone without a law degree.

Here is their site http://www.cpsc.gov/about/cpsia/cpsia.html

You MUST get certified with and approved lab. This is stated on their site and they have a listing of approved labs. You cannot get home kits and be compliant. You are not testing all that needs to be tested. Even then in an uncontrolled environment you have results not 100%. I am sure if you read their instructions and fine print this is explained. Get your items tested where they belong.

Here is where you can find approved labs http://www.cpsc.gov/cgi-bin/labapplist.aspx

They are not just testing for lead. The site has tons of information on this and what they are testing for to ensure the safety of products. This seems to be the biggest misunderstanding so I want to remind everyone lead is not the only issue here.

Everyone is so focused on the first set of required limitations but we forget there is more coming. August they are lowered even further if you read the site. This is the beginning of bring down the dangerous limits to ensure safety.

Another that is going around is if the pieces they purchase are certified, no further testing is needed as long as they get certification from their supplier. This is not true. You purchase part A and part B which are compliant and within the listed guidelines but may be over the guidelines when you put them together that creates a new product. Example used often is bows. The barrette is compliant at lead levels of 400ppm, the ribbon is compliant at 300ppm. The legal limit of a finished product as the law stands if 600ppm. Guess what? It is over and it is now a hazardous product. That is why the finished product must be tested.

There are several wanting to share costs. The idea is great but the problem is this is per batch not per product type. The only way this can work is if several of you come together and make 1 product using the same materials from the same batch and sell in one place. Cannot be repackaged in anyway or even modified in any way. Even just a tag change. How do I as the consumer know that the toy fipsy is the same toy wipsy? They can't. Same with the law makers. They can say that yes this is the same exact toy just with a new name and tag based on the company. That is why it has to be tested.

Another I am seeing is the use of the name "assemblers". Many feel if they are assemblers they are not required to test.

What does assemble mean? to put or fit together; put together the parts of:
What does manufacture mean? the making of goods or wares by manual labor or by machinery,

Both put things together to make a specific item correct? So why are they different? They aren't.

It is listed in the law that assemblers, producers, and manufacturer are required to do testing. Just because you are given a different title does not mean you found your loop hole. It is there.

I know it is long, nobody wants to read it, but if you want to save your business and not lose everything over information NOT on the site you must read the law. Don't rely on others to give you the correct information. How do you know they didn't hear it from someone else? What they are saying can they show you in the law where it states what they are saying? This is why you must read it. As a business owner this is your job.

I understand how hard this is. Some just started only to be shut down. I wouldn't want to see my business go through this and I don't want to see others. But with this coming upon us in a few short weeks we need to prepare a plan to keep our doors open. We can fight to the death to change the laws but realistically that may not happen in time. Because of this you may have to close your doors in Feb until you hear whether or not you can open again. That may not happen.

Are you just going to give up? Are you going to risk your business, your family, your home and just illegally? What are your plans to keep the doors open when this goes into effect? Have you received any quotes or just taken the quotes others have posted? If you can't comply what is the next step? You can afford the testing because you received quotes based on your actual product from an approved lab, how will this affect your numbers?

It is time to get prepared. Yes fight if you must but the idea behind fighting to keep a business not to shut it down and just hope things will go your way. You have to be ready to change. Know what you are up against and make it happen.

Make a plan. What do you have that is specifically for anyone under 12? Can you get them from somewhere else that can manufacture enough product where you can buy from them and resell? Can you remove part of your business until you can comply with children items? If you have to close what do you need to do to make that happen now? Remember if you can't comply you can't sell items after the new regulations begin even if you are just selling off your old inventory. Can you close for a short time to reorganize and open in a month or so? If you must close how do you plan to make up the income lost? If you have to remove part of your product line, what will you to do keep your sales steady?

This is planning time not panic time. Think rationally about the future of your business. Emotions have no place here. You want your business? Do something about it instead of waiting for something to happen.

Online Party How To's

I have compiled a list of tips and suggestions for online parties to help make your party a success.

Online parties are similar to home parties, but the guests are shopping from their home while attending the party in a chat room. You hold your party pretty much the same way you would a home party just you don't have a display case to set up. You still need to present the products just virtually instead of physically. This is far more than just offering a link and telling everyone to shop.

Before your party, write a script. This ensures you are touching on key areas and you know where you left off when you must stop for a question or to greet a newcomer. With a script you can copy and paste with ease. This helps keep the party flowing and you don't waste time typing everything out.

No matter what you get with your room reservation invite on your own as well. Invite everyone you know. An invite to a online party is like a ad. You will want it to entice people to come to your party. Be sure to include all the info that is needed for your party like date, time (include time zone since guests can come from multiple areas), place (include url), sneak peek of specials, and games with prizes. Send the invite out to all your friends and family and to any groups you belong to.

Be sure not to send them to people you don't know or groups your not in, this is spam if you do and you don't want to get in trouble for spam. You can send a invite via email or you could use something like evite.com and they will send your invite out for you. Offer incentives for those who bring a certain amount of people with them. This gets your party out there even further.
Send out invites 10 days before party, at the week mark, 3 days, day before, day of. It sounds like a lot but people have busy lives and forget. This keeps the party fresh in their minds. Don't send the same invite each time. Change it up and keep it fun.

The actual party is easy. First, introduce yourself and your business. It does not matter whether everyone knows you and why you are there. This is part of your professional image. You will want to greet people when they come into your party. Be sure to thank everyone for being at your party. As a general rule of thumb do not start your party exactly at the start time. Give a few moments to allow for others to arrive. No everyones clock is on the same time so a 5 minute buffer is suggested. This is not required just suggested.

During your intro talk a little about the company and the products. Do not just copy and paste the about me section of the site. Its impersonal. This should be in your own words and show your enthusiasm without being overboard. Guests don't need a history. Most find it boring so avoid it. That does not mean you can't state when they started and why. Just keep the facts to a minimum and avoid the history lesson blues.

I personally like to discuss my favorite product and why I love it. I always use something I have personally used and never something I haven't. This way I can give personal experience. This speaks volumes to your guests.

This is a good time to offer your website. I do no suggest offering it before you introduce yourself or your products because you lose control of your party. You want their undivided attention at this point.

When you offer the site explain any sales or specials that the company and/or you are offering. Send your guests in a direction such as ask them to click on the contact me area (if this goes direct to you) and have them fill out their info for a drawing. You also get their contact information which is very important. if you do not have this section available have each email you their info and offer a drawing prize. If you would like to direct them to your favorite section, to create a customer account so they can shop, or to a section where you will begin a game. However you choose make it interactive and interact with the guest.

You will receive questions during the entire party. Make sure to address them right away. Avoid talking in private messages. You lose track and end up neglecting the room. This is fine at the end of the party but not during your presentation. If you are unable to answer immediately, gather their contact info and inform them you will get that answer for them right after the party.
Play a game. There is nothing worse than a lot of silence to kill your party and your sales. The more fun your guests are having, the more they spend and the better chance of booking future parties. Yours guests will have plenty of time to shop so don't feel a game will hinder this.

Here are a few game suggestions:

Scramble - Pick 5 - 10 words from your site or your business and scramble them up before the party. Let everyone know that the words are coming from your site or your business whichever you choose.

Trivia - Pick 5-10 questions about your site. Let everyone know that the answers can be found on your site. The first person to get the correct answer gets a point at the end of the game the person with the most points gets the prize you have picked out.

Bingo - Have a list of words on your site and have guest pick out 5 words and email you those words, then later on when time for the game start picking words from your list, the first person who you call all 5 words calls bingo and wins the game. If you choose this method make sure to include the list in your party invite.

Auctions - These are a blast and many do great with these. You make up a list of ways for guest to earn play money to bid with. With the highest way to earn being either purchasing or booking a party Then you pick out a few prizes to auction off. This is a great game to get competitiveness going and guests really work for those bonus bucks.

Depending on the length of your party you do not want to do more than 1 or 2. A 2 hour party can take 3 well played games. Keep the games short. Lenthy games get boring and that leads to people wandering away from the computer. If you keep things going guests want to stay because they don't want to miss anything.

For each game you have you will want to have a prize. There are many different prizes that you could give. When picking out a prize be sure to pick out one that is suitable for the game. For example if its a harder game you might wanna pick out a better prize than if its a easy game. All prizes should be products that others can buy on the site. Have the link ready that directs guests to the prize so they can see what great gift they can win.

Gift Certificates - in what ever amount you deemed suitable. Usually $5 - $10 are good amounts.
Coupons or Coupon Books made up of coupons for certain amount off a certain product.

Actual product. Keep these small so you don't kill your budget but don't be cheap. You want your guests to be excited.

Let your guest know what your hostess is getting tonight for hosting the party including an surprises gifts you are offering. If no hostess talk about what someone could get for hosting. Ask them to let you know if they want to host and then try to set a date then for the party if you can't let them know you will be emailing them to pick out a good date Tell the guest what you get from starting your own business. Be sure to tell them the recruiting special that your company has going.

Make room for general chit chat throughout your party. You don't want it all business but make sure you keep control of your room that way when you need the conversation geared back to business it can easily be done. Chit chat is just that. Not long conversations.

Towards the end of your party give your contact information. This way guests know how to contact you. Include your full name, email, and website. Offer to answer questions and assist anyone in placing their order. Gather information from those interested in a party so you can follow up in the next day or so.

Most times online parties do not end right at the time they are scheduled to so plan on being there longer than planned. You do not want to be on a tight schedule and have to rush out afterwards. Show your customer service skills and be available after the party. As guests leave be sure to thank them for coming and let them know you will be in contact with their total or to assist them in their shopping and questions. Also let them know you hope they had fun and you hope to see them around again sometime.

Ask if they would like to be added to a invite list you are making for upcoming online parties. Be sure to thank your host for hosting and let her know you will be in contact to let her know what she has earned from her party

This is just a basic way to have a online party. You will want to do what feels comfortable to you. Play with the idea do what works best for you. If you have never done a party visit different parties in different rooms to see how others conduct theirs. This will give you a great idea on how to go forward with yours.

Prepare ahead of time and do not wing it. The better prepared you are, the better the party, the better the sales. Do not let the party die down. Keep it moving. Keep from guests having to entertain themselves as this leads away from your product and results in a loss of a sale. Offer your link several times during your party for newcomers or those that just missed it previous times.

Olivia Vidal
© 2008

A little fun today

This has nothing to do with being a WAHM/D but hey we need a little break for fun at some point.

Wasn't it worth the break?

What is PageRank?

We all hear about PageRank and wonder what that really is. We hear is it based on visitors and traffic. We hear it is based on repeat keyword use. There are many reasons that others contribute to what your PageRank is. Most of them are wrong while others are correct but not in the list or priority.

A little technical information first...

Google assigns a numeric value from 0-10 for each web page on the Internet. PageRank shows denotes a site’s importance in the eyes of Google. PageRank results from a voting type process from other pages on the world wide web. This voting process determines how important a page is. This is your PageRank. The higher the value, the higher importance your page is. A hyperlink or back link to a page counts as a vote in this process. If there are no links to a web page there is no vote for that page. Another way to understand this is you place you exchange links with another this is your voting process. The more clicks your link receives from said exchange, the more votes you get and raise your PageRank over time. Keywords also assist in this. The higher the page rank of the page your link is listed on, this can also raise your PageRank. To scale it down PageRank of your page is mostly based on the quantity of inbound links listed on other pages to your page as well as the PageRank of the pages your link appears on.

So how do you make this work for you? When you exchange links, you are placing your link on a page that someone will promote. More people will place links on this same page. This allows you to reap the benefits. Others will visit and click on these links. With all this cross linking, traffic comes in, clicking begins. Traffic increase, so called voting increases, PageRank increases for everyone. The better everyone's PageRank the faster your site rank increases.

How do you find your current page rank? Click here and enter your sites URL

Is it that simple? Yes. Is this all I need to know? No. Go do some reading on PageRank. It is easy to accomplish with a little elbow work, networking which every wahm should be engaged in, and patience.

NEW Blog!

I have created a new blog that discusses my day to day life as a WAHM. You will see the challenges I face, the joys, success, disappointments, and everything in between. Unlike Liv's WAHM Blog Life of a work at home mother delves into the personal side.

You will even be able to engage in conversations as we discover new ways to better our business and overcome the challenges of being a mother working from home.

Come visit http://lifeofaworkathomemother.blogspot.com/

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