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"The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible"

~ Anonymous

Tea Time with Liv

Happy New Year Recipe

Some have a resolution to do many things. Maybe one is to lose weight. If that is the case look away now. I mean it, don't look. Not even a little peak!

18 oz. pkg. cake mix (any flavor, I prefer yellow)
1/2 cup butter, softened
1 egg
1-2 cups of your favorite add-in ingredients ( pecans, coconut, chocolate chips are my favorite)

Preparation:Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a large bowl, combine all ingredients at low speed until dry ingredients are moistened and dough is thoroughly mixed. Drop dough by rounded tablespoonfuls 2" apart onto ungreased cookie sheets. Bake at 350 for 9-12 minutes. Cool two minutes on cookie sheets, then remove to wire racks to cool. If using chocolate cake mix, add 2 Tbsp. water along with egg.

Another variation is add nuts and chips of your choice and cook as directed. Melt white chocolate chips slowly in microwave (cook 1 minute then stir every 30 seconds until fully melted), drizzle over cookies or half dip cookies then sprinkle coconut or sprinkles over the top. Even more fun with half dark chocolate, half white chocolate then sprinkle with nuts over the top. Try dried cherries and almonds. Makes a great gift wrapped in cellophane and ribbon. Take to your next dinner party or housewarming for a wonderful homemade gift made with love.

Happy New Years!

Ready for your product to be reviewed?

Our reader list is increasing (not the same as followers) and that means more opportunity for your product and name out to a larger audience. Starting in January product reviews will become a regular sight here are Liv's WAHM Blog. With 150+ unique visitors a week and a 60% return rate, this is a great opportunity for your product to reach the audience your deserve.

Why do a product review?
How many times have you seen a great product but unsure if it is something you should spend money on? A company you have never tried and nervous about the outcome? A consultant you just met and no relationship built? A product review allows potential customers to search out experiences and see how others have felt about your product. Many times this speaks volumes louder than a simple ad. Many people seek these out but rarely find an experience by someone not associated with the product and only wants to sell them a product or service. This can lead to lost sales. I have 2 product reviews currently available for review here at Liv's WAHM Blog. I know of 3 people who contacted me to let me know they purchased the pedipaws simply because of my personal experience. It was a simple unbiased documentation of my experience without anger or expectations.

What is included in a product review?

I will answer the following questions:

Name of Company
Name of Consultant or Owner
Website URL (if available)
Contact Information
How to order
Product(s) received for review
How long take to receive product(s)
Condition of product(s)
How and what product(s) is used for
Ease of Use
Communication during process
Qualities of product(s)
Overall opinion of product
Any additional information I feel is pertinent to your product review

The question I get frequently is do I post negative reviews. The answer is yes. Here is my reasoning. If someone sends me a product to try and review and there are several reasons for me not to recommend a product, I will post that information. Our readers want real experiences by a real person not trying to sell them a product. They are not looking for glorified advertisements. In a virtual world customers cannot try products themselves. Product reviews by someone who has tried the product and are willing to give an honest and fair observation and experience. This is how they can decide whether a product is worth purchasing. Of course I will not post a negative review for someone who's package arrived late for situations beyond their control (ex. bad weather). These are case by case and during this process communication is key.

What is required for product review?

Product- This can either be sample sizes or full size. Which every is preferable for you. Samples can be easiest to allow for more than one product(s) to be reviewed. More than 1 sample of each product is recommended to allow a fair assessment and review of the product(s).
Your full name - Potential customers want to know you are a real person and possibly conduct their own investigation as to who you are. This is not a scary thing. People just want to know you are trust worthy.
Website URL - Potential customers many times wish to view the product on the site and obtain any additional information about the product and/or company
Company name - This is quite obvious
Are you a consultant (or preferred title) or owner - potential customers want to know who they are dealing with.
Contact information to include email - If you cannot be contacted most will not want to purchase from you. They want to know they can contact you with any questions, concerns, or additional information.
Any special instructions needed for use of product - I need to know exactly how a product is used. If I use a product incorrectly, your review may be inaccurate for various reasons. If instructions are not included I need these as well as your customers can use this information in their decision making.
How to order - Does ordering take place via website, email, in person. Also include accepted payment types. If a customer has a specific credit card they wish to use, they need to know they can use it to make a purchase.
Shipping times - This is only to show when a product is expected to arrive from the time a potential customer orders to the time it ships. Also include how an order is shipped (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc)
Send pictures of your product or I can take my own pictures to post - This is so customers have a visual reference to the product you offer. Many people are visual people and will remember what a product looks like before they remember a name. This gives a face to the product name.
Include a banner (if available).
Include any other additional information you feel is necessary for your review.

IMPORTANT: Do not send your product for review package in any extra special way. It needs to come as though any customer has ordered. How your package arrives will be documented. You do not want to hurt your future sales because you sent it extraordinary and others only receive the ordinary. While the gesture is very much appreciated, just send your product in the way you would normally ship.

If you choose to send a product that would require a length of time to review (ex. change or improvement over 7 days) send enough product for this. I cannot offer a fair review if it needs to be used or observed over a period of time and all I receive is a one time use.

There will be occasions where I will hold a review party. At this time these will be held every other month starting in February. What this means is I will gather a group of ladies to try your product and issue their separate review. They will receive a questionnaire outlined above. I will post the groups review individually. If you wish your product be part of a review party you will be asked to send multiple samples or full product of the same product. As an example only, you may be asked to send as many as 10 or as little as 4. I will post about an upcoming review party and list how many women will be attending.

Your review will appear here and I will also send a copy to you. I will also include a link so you are able to use your review in your chosen advertisement. We are looking for items a woman would use. Whether an item strictly for a mother or an item both a man and woman can use. I will not be accepting men only items at this time. This may change at a later date.

Are you ready for your review? Have questions? Contact Olivia at disneyandmickeyfan@yahoo.com with Product Review in subject line.

Get ready for the new year

Christmas is over, the relatives are gone, the shopping is done. Its time to start thinking about your business again. Start 2009 with a new outlook and ideas for your business. Whether just starting and been in business for years, a fresh start can always be a great thing.

We all should have a business plan in place for how we wish to conduct and grow our business. This does not matter whether you own your own business or you a consultant in direct sales. Everyone needs a business plan. If you do not have a business plan in place, what direction do you go?

Before you panic and think I don't have time to write one or I don't know how, a business plan is easier than you think. I will take you few of the basics in a business plan. By the time we are done you will have enough information to get you started in the right direction. Now I am not where near an expert in writing these. But I can give you a great start from my own experience and business classes.

We all should remember that trusty notebook I am always talking about. It is time to bring it out if you don't have it out already. Don't have one? Go buy one. I recommend the 5 star with the plastic cover. They are more expensive but they take a beating and still hold on. Buy which ever you like or just use a standard long yellow notepad with cover. Doesn't matter. Just get one.

Before we get started there are a few things I want you to remember. You are a salesperson. As a sales person it is your job to convince others to purchase your products. Your product(s) not only represent your business but also you. Because you want others to buy from you, they must believe in you and not just your product. Because of this you want them to believe you know everything there is about the product and can effectively assist them in any way they need in relation to your product. I say this now because this will reflect in your thinking while writing your business plan.

The basics to your business plan will be:
Executive Summary
Market Analysis
Company Description
Organization & Management
Marketing & Sales Management
Service or Product Line
Funding Request

They may sound like big words and even seem intimidating. Don't let it be. This is what is used when you plan to seek investors and even loans to start your business. We are not going to cover the very exstensive and detail of a traditional business plan. We are going to take pieces of this and break them down simplify a business plan so you have the basics to move your business forward.

We are going to start with your company description. This section will include several elements of your busines that fit together. What needs to be included is the nature of your business, the marketplace needs that you are trying to fullfill; include the ways in which you plan to satisfy these needs using your products or services. So what exactly does that mean? Start with what is your company and what you offer. Why would people want to buy your product? Lets say you sell candles. People like to have a tranquil home, relax, and their home smell good. This is why they would want to buy candles. Say you sell soy candles. The reason people would want to buy yours is because they are not as toxic as others. Of course you want more detail than this but you can see where I am going with this.

In your company description you are going to list your success. What key areas are you superior in? Customer satisfaction? Shipping? Product quality? Location of your business? Why these give you an advantage above others and why you have the competative edge.

Lets turn to Service or Product Line. Describe your service or product, and highlight the benefits to your potential and current customers. Focus on the areas where you have an advantage above the rest. Point out the the problems in your target market for where your service or product provides the needed solution. Provide evidence that people are, or will be, willing to pay for your solution. You don't need to go into detail about each and every product but you do want to go into detail about the major lines of product. If you don't know the answer, find it. You can't effectively sell a product if you know nothing about the product and why you are selling it. Selling it because it sounds like fast money will only cause you failure. Do your homework here.

Marketing & Sales Management is our next stop. What is marketing anyways? Marketing is the process of creating customers. This includes your ads, how you sell your product or service, packaging. In this are you want to first define your marketing strategy. There is no single way to approach a marketing strategy; your strategy should be part of an ongoing process and unique to your company.

Strategy for growing your business. This growth strategy might include what is called a horizontal strategy. This is where you would provide the same type of products to different users. There is also a vertical strategy where you would continue providing the same products but would offer them at different levels of the distribution chain.

Channels of distribution strategy. Choices for distribution channels could include a sales force, distributors, or retailers. To keep it simple this will be your sales force. You can branch out further as your expertise and skills strengthen and grow.

Communication strategy. How are you going to reach out to your customers? This will be a combination of the following: promotions, advertising, public relations, personal selling, and printed materials such as brochures, catalogs, flyers, etc.

Once you have defined your marketing strategy, you can then define your sales strategy. How do you plan to actually sell your product? This can be a meriad of avenues. You need to decide what is best for you and your skills. This will also include what you will not do and why. If you cannot do home parties, why? No babysitter? How can you get around that? Are you not good with large groups? Can you start with a small amount of people and work your way up? Strategy is not only what you are willing to do but what you can do to overcome what you are not willing to do.

You need a sales force strategy. In direct sales your sales force is those you recruit to be part of your team. You as a team leader are responsible for helping them develop the skills to build their own business. This is why you receive compensation. How many salespeople will you recruit for your sales force? What type of people are you looking to recruit for your sales force? Be specific on type. Don't just state anyone wanting to make money. Are you targeting women from ages x to y? Married men with children? People who own homes? These are just examples so make these questions relate specifically to you, your products, and your company. What type of recruitment strategies will you use? Maybe your strategy is strictly online. Be specific how this will work. Even online strategies will include some offline skills so you must include them. How will you train your sales force? Will this be conference calls, chat room training, in person meetings. What about compensation for your sales force? This is not what they earn for sales. This is what can you offer. Maybe you will offer a product package for hitting a certain goal.

Your sales activities. When you are defining your sales strategy, it is important that you break it down into activities. For instance, you need to identify your prospects and make a list. Once you have done so, you need to prioritize it. Next, identify the number of sales calls you will make over a certain period of time. This can be monthly, quarterly, or yearly. I prefer monthly as you can make these appear attainable using your present skills. This can later change as your skills develop. From there, you need to determine the average number of sales calls you will need to make per sale. It may take 20 calls to make one sale. You need to know the average dollar size per sale. You can modify this to be home parties, catalog parties, conference calls, sales meetings, and any other method you have chosen to make the sale.

Lastly we move on to Financials. This should include historical and prospective. If you are just starting you will not likely have historical so focus on prospective. You should have a breakdown of what you spend vs sell. You also should have an idea of what you need to allocate where. Even as a consultant you need to know what is coming and what is going out and not just spend whatever, whenever. Based on past you should be able to project your financial outlook for the coming year. If you plan to receive business loans or gain investors, this is a must and cannot be left out.

As you can see we have skipped a few areas. The areas we covered are where most need to focus. If you wish to start a new brick and mortar business using loans and investors, you will need a full comprehensive business plan. You can find several samples of these online. There are some who offer the service of writing this for you with the information you provide. Just do a search on Google or any other chosen search engine.

When writing don't feel overwhelmed. Take one section at a time. Once you have completed these sections, review them periodically and make adjustments as needed. This is a work in progress and will never be the end. If you create this digitally it is easier to read and change.

This is by no means complete but you now have a great start to making your business successful.

Olivia Vidal
So Chic Bag Boutique

New regulations on childrens products

If you haven't already heard there is new CPSIA Regulations to take affect 2/10/2009 that will require testing of all products intended for children under 12. With the rash recalls of children's toys containing lead this past couple years I understand and support testing. However my concern comes from why everything? Unless it is modified, clothing, books, toys, shoes, backpacks, notebooks, cloth diapers, blankets, stuffed animals, everything must be tested. They are not looking for just lead. They are looking for phthalates. This effects more items than people really know. Things you would never have thought of.

If you create and sell anything and I mean ANYTHING that is specifically for children, you are required to adhere and comply with the new regulations set to take place 2/10/2009. This also means anything you have in stock prior to this date. It is retroactive and you are not exempt.

This means less availability of products to consumers, higher prices to offset the testing cost, job losses. Can you imagine the cost of a backpack during back to school? Before you had a wide variety of items. Imagine only a few? We already have high unemployment rates. Do we want to imagine higher rates?

The testing required is on finished products. Do you realize that if you make a handcrafted overnight bag with a childs name on it every piece will be tested? The fabric, any buttons, the zipper, the snaps, the thread. Everything. For the sake of argument lets just say testing is $500 per component. Lets say that bag has 5 components. That is $2500 for testing. Because it is per batch and it is personalized, this one item becomes one batch. Now you see the concern?

What about antique items such as that antique doll you have had for generations that you wish to sell? Guess what? You guessed it. It must be tested. You know how many items made for children would not pass? What about that old Howdy Doody lunch box? Bet that won't pass. You can't sell it now. Why? It was intended for children.

Figure you can't sell it so might as well donate it. No can do. It will be sold and if it is not tested it is illegal and banned as hazzardous.

In such hard economic times this can spell the end of many home businesses and also many mom & pop specialty shops. Many seamstresses will be out of work because they cannot sell a young girls one of a kind dress without it being tested at $500$10,000 average per batch, per color. If only one item is in a batch, that price is for one not for multiple. You create another a different time, you have to test AGAIN. This is really upsetting thinking about the high cost of a wedding to think of how high the cost will rise for a flower girl dress and the accessories. Remember each of those items have to be tested. What about those ebayers that sell their gently used children's clothing? Do you crochet baby bonnets and sell on esty? Guess what? You have to have that tested now before you can sell it. Can you see someone wanting to pay $525 for your one of a kind bonnet made just for you? What about Goodwill who receives donated items.

At this moment it affects both manufacturers and retailers. You can't buy an item from a manufacturer who is certified and sell it. You have to get it certified to sell it. They may not have it tested because they didn't sell you the item or the component to be sold for children. I have less than 60 days to clear out my inventory of items intended for the little customers unless the regulations change. That also means I have to drop 2 suppliers who offer me just custom items for our little customers. These poor ladies are WAHMs just trying to make a living off their talent.

Lets say I can come up with the money to have my items tested and keep them available to my customers who desire them. Do you know that these labs will get twice the money for the same products? That's right. Not only does the manufacturer have to have it tested but now that I have it in and selling it I have to have it tested too. So who really wins here?

The customers don't because they have to pay the extra costs for one product. Not just one item has to be tested. You see the same doll in 3 colors, each color in the same style doll has to be tested. That is 3 times the cost for the one type of doll and who pays? You do. All costs relating to the business is factored into the cost of products. That means you have the privilege of paying for those tests. There is a but here. Because of the economic state of this country, raising prices if we are able to pay for the testing will only sway customers away from us rather than bring them to us. That means I can raise the prices but nobody will pay. So now what?

Did you know these tests can be problematic for our schools? There was a discussion I read about regarding telescopes. There are many microscopes that could no longer be provided to schools because of a required light bulb with a small solder on the bottom. Another I read about regarding a telescope that will no longer be sold. The testing is nearly the same as yearly sales so its ridiculous to sell a product they cannot profit from due to the testing needed.

With so many that have to be tested, can you imagine how long it will take to get certification? Even those big bucks retailers have won't speed anything up. You favorite cartoon character toy will now be off the shelves 6 weeks (just guessing here) because of this testing. Now it is back you may have to stand in line to get it. Remember the days of Tickle Me Elmo? Those could return.

Because so many have closed their doors because they simply could not shell out the thousands required for testing. Now you don't have the variety you loved before. We all like variety right? How many times have you sifted through several aisles of items looking for the perfect piece. Maybe you even went to several stores just for the right one. Well at least you can say you saved on gas because that favorite boutique is no longer.

Well maybe it is use that works at the beloved boutique. They have to close because those thousands do not grow on trees. So where do you plan to work now? You aren't the only boutique so you better have your game face on and ready to fight for those few positions so many are wanting. Either that or have a good book ready for that unemployment line because it could be long.

Maybe you only shop at those big retailers so maybe you won't see the impact. That won't be true but lets just say that is what you believe and we will stick with that. What about those who do shop at the small boutiques. What about those moms, grandmothers, neighbors, friends, you buy from that make those special items you buy. What about those moms, grandmothers, neighbors, friends, that make those special items and sell to others for extra money to make ends meet.

I am just so sad to think about the little guys (or ladies if you prefer) who are us the small business owners who will be devastated by these new regulations. The large retailers will be hit hardest in many ways as they are the bigger targets, they have investors who are worried about their investment, consumers who watch them with an eagle eye. The smaller businesses can't handle the financial burden and for many that will be seen as the little guy hit the hardest.

I am not against regulations to protect our children. I am against the regulations that will prevent and even crush the business of all. I want better regulations that define protection. Not just banning and restricting all items.

This is serious and you are valid with your concerns and worries. It may seem as though some are overreacting but are you willing to blow it off and not read the below links only to receive a fine upwards of $100,000?

Do yourself a favor and get informed.

You can read more about the regulations at:

Adopt A Family - Update

Just a few moments ago my husband drove off to the post office to get out 2 boxes of wrapped presents to our adopted family so it arrives by Christmas. My goal was reached and this family will receive a Christmas.

While I hoped to be able to get in donations for this family and fullfill most of their wish/need list, it just didn't seem possible. I didn't have a single donation come in. Times are tough for many so I can't be angry. I won't be angry.

We could not just give up and not let this family have a Christmas they so deserved. After talking my husband and I decided to forego presents to each other and cut the budget for everyone so we could make sure this family had the Christmas they hoped would come this year. Nobody would know they would be getting a lesser present. Even if they did they will know that part of their present was helping a family who would have nothing unlike themselves.

My husband, son, and I spent the morning gathering the final items. We wrapped each present so the surpise is not spoiled before Christmas morning. We carefully packed 2 boxes and off they went for a last minute shipment.

The entire time wrapping we imagined their faces and reactions to the gifts they would recieve. We gently played with the toys imagining they would enjoy them as much as we were. We also imagined what we would be like if these gifts we not received.

We took great pleasure in wrapping those gifts. Even teased each other over who was better at wrapping. I still think I am best lol

No matter who was the best at wrapping, the sillyness of playing with toys, or how we were able to swing it, there is one less family without this year and that is all that counts.

For a limited time only!

NEW ad spots available now on So Chic Bag Boutique .

In our efforts to sponsor a family in need this Christmas we have opened up ad spots for your 125x125 banner.

Starting at just $5 a month get the exposure you desire. With more than 2000+ visitors a month your exposure will greatly increase. This is for a limited time and will not last so get your spot today!

Visit So Chic Bag Boutique to get your ad spot before they are gone.


Relieve that stress

The end of the year holiday season seems to have everyone on edge. Crowded stores, long shopping lists, staying on budget, and just generall trying to do it all in what seems to be an impossible time frame.

To escape stress you need to remove yourself mindset from the stress. If your stress is money, move away from it and read a book. The goal is to change you thought process away from a situation you can't seem to get away from.

I for one have taken up a new hobby. I have started making hair bows. I have a young niece and thought it would be fun to make something pretty for her. When my day is becoming stressed I walk away and work on a new bow. A bow can take me anywhere from 5 minutes to 1 hour to make and is perfect for giving my mind something else.

Another great stress reliever is walking. Now before we start those excuses of how we don't have time, its too hot, too cold, raining, typhoon coming in, whatever, walking does not require 20+ minutes of your day. It can be simply walking out the door, to the curb, take a deep breath, and walking back in the house. You not only have a new found energy but you walked away from the problem and refocused.

We are all different and what works for me may not work for you and vice versa. Just find that one thing you can focus on even for just a few moments.

Stress does not make a situation better. Most times it makes it worse. Don't focus on the stressor affecting your life. Focus elsewhere on a solution or elsewhere to remove yourself from the situation you do not want to be in. It may be there when you return but you will come back with a fresh mind ready to work on the problem.

Families in need

Christmas is just around the corner. Shopping has begun, decorations going up, dinner plans being made. Sadly so many families every year will not be able to partake in any of the traditional festivities. This year is no exception.

Each year I try and do something for someone less fortunate - donate to food banks, donate to homeless shelters, local coats for kids, donate gifts for seniors. This year I decided to adopt a family with the help of others. Not just adopt any family but the family of one of my consultants. With the current economy some even with great sales are still struggling. The thought of someone so close to me struggling is heart breaking.

I am reaching out to others to assist me in making this Christmas special for one family. I am in need of several items such as toys, clothing, shoes, stocking stuffers, even food items. While I can only adopt 1 family I also want to send the other families who gave me their submission stockings with stocking stuffers for at least the children but if there is enough I would like to include the moms and dads too so they have something this Christmas.

Stocking stuffers needed for:
2 yr old girl
2 yr old boy
2 - 6 yr old boys
10 yr old boy
2 - 9 yr old girls
2 - 14 yr old boys
16 yr old girl
17 yr old boy

Stocking stuffers can be candy, small toys, gift certificates, nail polish, makeup, bracelets, jewelry for girls and boys, candles (we have a girl who loves candles), body spray (for boys and girls), books, gloves,socks, hats, scarves, or anything you think would be good for these kids.

I have the stockings and gift wrap covered.

I would also like to send stockings or baskets for the moms and dads (4 moms, 2 dads). Can include bath and body items, food items, candy, cookies, home items, candles, anything a parent can use for themselves or their family.

If you would like to help with our adopted family, contact me and I can give you a list of items we still need. I also have wish lists for the families I could not adopt if anyone is insterested.

All donations are needed by December 17th so our families will receive their gifts by Christmas. I know this is short notice but I want them to have something Christmas morning to enjoy.
I am looking for any amount of needed items. After the items are donated I will be making a special post on my blog and anywhere else I can to recognize all the wonderful sponsors of such a special request.

We prefer donated items but due to a few requests we are accepting cash donations. Donations can be made via paypal to disneyandmickeyfan@yahoo.com or RME to disneyandmickeyfan@yahoo.com. Please note in the subject or comments the donation is for Adopt A Family to ensure donations are properly calculated and used to purchase needed items.

For more information please contact Olivia at disneyandmickeyfan@yahoo.com

On the hunt

Lately I have been on the look out, even a hunt, for WAHM (work at home mom/mother) companies. Being a WAHM myself building and running a small direct sales company, I want to support other moms just like myself. Not necessarily do they have to be owned and ran by the person I come in contact. Just a company that allows mothers to stay home and make a great living.

In my quest I find myself examining, observing, testing products to see what makes them so special. Why this company? Why would I want to be a customer? Why would I recommend it to others? I think we all go through some level of this situation each time we try a new restaurant, test drive a new car, sample a new product one Saturday afternoon of grocery shopping. I just happen to write about anything related to a WAHM including their company.

I continue to write about products and services found outside of the WAHM world. Many of us want to hear what others have to say and that is where I come in. That is also where my readers come in. What do you want to hear about?

I find that real life experience has been helpful when I do research on a new product. Instead of getting a glorified sales pitch telling me how great something is by someone wanting to sell me something, I get a real review. These are uncommon it seems but I do find them. As I discover something new and exciting or even dull and worthless I want to write about it. If I buy something completely useless and a waste of my money I want others to know why I will not recommend such a product. Not just a hateful vent about how I was ripped off.

I will not just be writing about what I find online but also in the stores. While I will be focusing on WAHM owned businesses I will not be exclusive to these. Ever see those ads on tv about something wonderful and want to know how it really stands up? You may very well find that here. Just as you found my Predipaws review. If they relate to a woman and/or mother or families, I will be reviewing these.

What do you want to hear about? I may just go out and try it myself and post my review here.

Product Review - Little Divas

Earlier this year I came across an adorable WAHM shop that makes bows called Little Divas. Not only bows but several handcrafted items. These included the cutest pair of korker flip flops I have come across. I am all about branding my business so I decided to order these unique shoes. Being they were quite different from the norm, I was sure to have heads turn.

I chose my colors (pink, white, black), my shoes size, and my order was off for processing. A little over a week later they arrived well packaged. I open the box carefully and there they are! These ordinary black flip flops with a clever twist. Korker ribbons in my chosen colors. I tried them on and they felt so delicate across my toes. I was afraid they would be uncomfortable or poke at my feet as I walked but I was very wrong. Now I am hooked.

A month ago my company, So Chic Bag Boutique, was offering a special tote that included items from WAHM shops. Little Divas owner, Trish, graciously offered several clippies from her collection for our tote special. They arrived well crafted, well packaged, professional cards. Our customers were very pleased with the wonderful hair clippies.

The professionalism of this shop is superior. If you are looking for handcrafted bows and other great gifts, I highly recommend visiting Little Divas. They also carry hand crocheted items that I found quite lovely. If you have several bows they have some great bow holders. If you have a infants or toddlers beginning to hold a bottle, you just have to check out there Lilybugs. I wish someone created something this fun and functional when my son was young. These would have been great for his early motor skills.

You don't have to take my word for their great products. Visit them yourself and see why I am raving about them.

Click here to visit Little Divas

*I am not affiliated nor do I receive compensation for such product reviews.

Olivia Vidal
So Chic Bag Boutique

Stocking Stuffers

Boy do I have some unique stocking stuffers for you! Forget the usual boring stuffers of the past and get a chuckle with these.

Ever been asked how Santa will be able to deliver presents when there is no chimney? Leave a Magicl Key for that special guy. Your little ones will never have to worry about how Santa will deliver their gifts again.

This special key is available for $7.00

Who need sto diet with all the wonderful goodies the holidays has to offer. Whenever that loved one utters that 4 letter word, make them wash out their mouth with Chocolate Soap.

This one of a kind soap is available for $5.00

We all have that one person on our list that is so hard to buy from because they have everything. But did you know batteries is the most forgotten gift of all. Everyone needs batteries so give that gift to already has it all.

Order a 4 pack today for $5.00
(your provide the batteries)

Who says being a penny pincher is a bad thing? Give your scrooge the gift they can really appreciate.

Our penny pincher is only $3.00

We all have a screw loose somewhere and sometimes we lose maybe 1 or 2. What better gift is there than to help that someone replace all those lost screws. Give the gift that really helps.
Show you care for only $3.00
Ready to order yours? Email Olivia at disneyandmickeyfan@yahoo.com for a quote to include shipping.
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