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"The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible"

~ Anonymous

Tea Time with Liv

Why are you a WAHM?

We all become WAHMs for various reasons. I am curious as to why and how some of you become WAHMs. I think this is interesting and will be very inspiring to others considering being a WAHM.

I personally became a WAHM out of boredom. I became disabled in Jan '04 due to chronic pain, sciatica and arthritis in my pelvis, stemming from a bad car accident in 2000. I had been in direct sales for many years as a hobby. I enjoyed the extra money and was exciting to get out and meet new people. Now that I could no longer work outside of the home I was bored. I am not used to being sedentary.

In late 2004 I started with a nationally recognized candle company which I enjoyed very much but due to the physical limitations and the need to bring along an extensive demo display I could not longer pursue my new business. I decided to take time off and rethink where I wanted to go.

In late 2006 I found a cute bear stuffing company. This was the home based business similar to the bear stuffing company you see in the mall today. I had a great time and made a great income.

In early 2007 a very dear friend going through a similar situation when it came to pain passed away. His dream was to write a book and build a business. I was devastated. I lost my best friend. I said I would never let go of my dreams or allow them to stay on the back burner. This was time to start catching my dreams.

Around the same time a new company was formed with a great concept for mineral makeup for tweens and teens. I had to join and jumped in with both feet starting off as a Senior Consultant. Unfortunately the bear stuffing company was sold to a larger company that did not allow membership of other companies geared towards tweens. I had to make a choice. I left the bear company to continue with the mineral makeup company.

The mineral makeup company was my life. I took on various staff positions while building my own business because I loved it that much.

In Jan '08 I was given the amazing opportunity to purchase So Chic Bag Boutique. I had said for a few months previous that I wanted the company and would jump if it was every sold. My chance was presented so I took it. I later left the mineral makeup company to dedicate myself to So Chic Bag Boutique. Although I was very sad to leave it was the best decision I ever made. Nearly 1 1/2 yrs later So Chic Bag Boutique is still going strong. The physical demands can be overwhelming at times but the flexibility allows me to take breaks when needed. While I joined a few companies along the way and even continue with a few, So Chic Bag Boutique is my heart and soul.

I started this blog because I found a lack of information geared towards the WAHM and the starting of their business. I wanted to provide great information and my own experience all in one place. I started the Liv's WAHM Blog Message Board as a place for WAHMs to come together and learn from one another as well as network. There seems to only be message boards dedicated to WAHMs that a geared towards the advertising end. We needed a place to learn from one another so Liv's WAHM Blog Message Board was created.

My inspiration for doing what I do today is all because of my dear friend Art. Tomorrow may never come so I want to live my dreams today.

So how about you? How did you become and WAHM and why? What about you WAHDs? Why did you decide to be the WAHD?


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