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Tea Time with Liv

Become priceless

In business you are only as valuable as you are perceived. So how do you become priceless?

How you are valued is in direct relation to how you value yourself. You great your own value. This is easier than easy.

This should always be part of your marketing plan. If you don't present yourself as successful, others will not see it either. This means leave the sympathy elsewhere. Yes there are sad and rough times in our lives. In tough times, bills may not be getting paid. That does not mean you advertise it to your customers. Why? If you hear that someone needs money for the mortgage or the electric bill but tell you how great business is, are you really going to believe them? If business is so great, why can't they pay the bills? If you are struggling, you are also likely to leave a business. Customers pick up on this. You just devalued yourself and your business.

Every moment of every day you need to present your value and become priceless. Becoming priceless is easy. The more you are valued, the more in demand you are. The more in demand you are, the quicker you become priceless.

Here are my top 5 tips to creating your own value to become priceless:

1. Time is money. Make it valuable. Limit your time of availability. This puts you in demand. If you hold home parties this is especially desired. With limited time your open dates become valued and quickly snatched. This does not mean make yourself available for only 1 day a week and state you are only available one day a week. You explain you have one day left this week and a different day available the next then close off the following week or 2. When a customer is unavailable during those times, get days they are available and add them to your waiting list for the next available opening. In a week when your schedule opens, follow up with your customer to schedule as they are first on your list and don't want them to miss out again. You are not lying here so don't feel you are being dishonest.

2. Dress to impress. I am not telling you to go out and buy a Chanel suit. Buy nice slacks, button up shirt (no loud prints), nice pair of heels, briefcase, simple but fashionable jewelry. Large chain discount stores such as Walmart and Target offer fantastic and affordable options these days. Buy pieces that are easily interchanged to appear you have more than 1 outfit. 1 pair of slacks, 2 shirts, 2 pairs of heels, 3 necklaces (go for the affordable costume jewelry unless your business is jewelry then use your company pieces), and wear your hair differently.

3. It's GREAT! When asked how business is, it is always "Great!" It is never bad. or slow You can follow up that "Great" with an accomplishment such as "Great, I got a meeting with a new customer next week", "Great, I made another sale yesterday", "Great, I passed out x amount of business cards/catalogs/brochures and they all look promising". Look at everything positive and smile.

4. Make it available. Keep popular products on hand as well as samples. Successful, valuable, business people invest in their company. They are able to make available products at any time. They are able to pass on samples and not make it feel as though you will only get a sample if you intend to buy. The moment you express you can only offer a sample if they intend to buy, not only did you devalue yourself but also your customer.

5. Quality equals value. Have quality business materials on hand at all times. While do it yourself business cards sounds great, these represent you and your success. Do you really want cheap materials representing your business? You may feel as though others will understand. Yes they will understand you are not valued, they will understand you are not investing in a business you expect them to, they will understand you are not as passionate and sincere as you let on. If the only thing you can invest in is business cards, get quality cards made. Do not give in to the free business card offers. These have their name on the back and everyone understands that means free.

The more valuable you are, the more valued you will be. Increase your value with a few simple steps and watch your business grow as you become priceless.

Olivia Vidal
© 2009


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