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"The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible"

~ Anonymous

Tea Time with Liv


A life without purpose is like a ship without a rudder.
Goals are dreams that are written down.

The purpose of a goal is to focus your attention.
Your mind will reach toward achievement onlywhen it has a goal.

There is no achievement without goals.

Establish a goal worth working for.
Your goal will keep you going in tough times.

Always have something ahead of you.
Continuously visualize your next step.
Keep moving after you achieve your goaland set another

.Momentum is maintained by always having something to look forward to.
Constantly give yourself something to work for.

Do what you can do well, and do well whatever you can do and you'll achieve any goal that you set for yourself.

You can plant your dream with a goal.

Copyright 2008 www.yourdailymotivation.com

I did it!

I am not the very ver proud owner of So Chic Bag Boutique! Come by and see all the fantastic purses I have for you! We also have diaper bags, wallets, luggage and more!
Don't see exactly what you would like? Contact me at disneyandmickeyfan@yahoo.com with your suggestions. You may just see what you are looking for in the very near future.
Look for a great work-at-home opportunity? Join our consultant program today! Our fabulous opportunity awaits YOU!

FREE Advertising is everywhere

You just signed up for your new work at home business and want to get the word out. Of course the objective is to make lots of money. Everywhere you turn all you see is paid ads. You are on a budget so now what? How do you get ahead without going under before you start?

Your best FREE advertising is something we use everyday - Email. Send an email to everyone you know telling them you have a new business and wanted to share. It just needs to be quick and not lengthy paragraphs. Add your website to your email siganture line. You wouldn't believe how many click on these.

Exchange banners with others like yourself. There are several WAHMs who are wanting to get their name out there also. Exchanging banners doesn't mean you are giving away business. You are simply sharing traffic for FREE.

Ever see those top 100 sites? These are FREE to submit your site too so submit! New sites such as this http://shopatlivs.gotop100.com/ are a great way to get front page advertising. Don't brush off lists that are filled up. You can still get great advertising out of these. Just make sure to post the topp 100 site link for others to visit. Not only are you sending traffic to the top 100 list, you are giving your site exposure as well.

Submit your site to web search engines. This submission increases the chance your site will be 'crawled' sooner than not submitting. Search for FREE search engine submission.

Search for WAHM classifieds. There are tons out there that are FREE. Many who are looking for a WAHM business to join or shop from will be looking for these.

Think about where you discovered your opportunity. Advertise there as well. If you found it there, chances are others will also. You want to promote here especially if it is FREE.

Use those plug boards. Plug plug plug. If you don't post your info, nobody will know what you offer. Others are always looking for plug boards to plug their info and they scan the boards to see who is plugging away. If you have a site where you can add a plug board, add one. It will drive traffic to your site. Make sure to leave your plug on this blog (located on the side bar. scroll down when you are done).

Word of mouth is the best FREE advertising you can have without paying a single dime. Talk talk talk and talk some more. Opportunities are every where. Listen and find your way to plug your business. You will be suprised how many opportunities you find just by listening.

Ever see those fish bowls at your favorite eating place? Put your business card in there. They give away FREE lunches and such and many times post your info up if you win. Instant FREE advertising! even if you don't win, workers have just seen your information as well. Whenever someone needs your phone number (teacher, coach, troop leader) give your business card. This gives them the required info plus your business.

Advertise in unusual places. You never know where your next customer or recruit is hiding. There are several places nobody ever dreams to advertise because they don't think anyone will be interested. Don't rule out certain people either. Everyone is a potential customer. You never know what someone might need.

Olivia Vidal
© Copyright 2008

FREE Affiliate/Consultant Program Sign-Ups

With rising costs and growing families, many moms are looking to make extra money and even enough to stay home and raise their kids. While there are some great companies out there, many can be very expensive with high quotas and minimums. When looking for a company to join, don't join just because it is free. Join because you will truly work the business and build it. These are moms trying to build a business for themselves and joining for a discount is cutting them short. I have a list of companies that have low or no start up costs, low or no quotas or minimums, and offer great customer and consultant service. These give you a great way to start a business at home without a large cost. Just because it says free to sign up doesn't mean you won't have to put anything into your home business. You still need to promote it, advertising banners, brochures or catalogs, business cards, and other business materials for a successful business. Remember to do your research, read all the fine print, and know what you are signing up for.

Mineral Girlz

Luna Wolf's Mystical Essence (place ID# 28 in fax line)

Letters By Design (place ID#144 in fax line)


So Chic Bag Boutique (place ID #127 in fax line)

Wrap It Right (place ID #707 in fax line)

QT Sunglasses (place ID #121 in fax line)

Buttons Make Cents

Savvy Girlz Boutique (place ID #30 in fax line)

Stuffed With Fluff (place ID #156 in fax line)

Critter Snackz (place ID #390 in fax line)

Dog Yums (place ID #325 in fax line)

Pampered Diva Gifts

The Jewels of Denial

Cherabella (place ID #2050 in fax line)

My Name Music (place ID #107 in fax line)

Packaged to Perfection (place ID #1510 in fax line)

Maddy Claires Bowtique

Do you have a great company that is not represented here? Send your info to shopatlivs@yahoo.com for consideration. All submissions will be reviewed and reseached through consultant check. Requirements to be placed on this free list is:
Must be a WAHM business. Start up cost $25 or less and includes all start up kits. No quotas ore minimums over $25. Quotas no less than quarterly. I reserve the right to refuse any addition request. Only 1 rep per company to be listed.

It's Party Time!

Are you wanting to hold an online party but have no clue where to start? Here are some helpful tips to get you started.

Write out ahead of time what you would like to say during your presentation and save this on notepad or similar on your computer. This allows you to copy and paste so you are not wasting your time slot typing everything out. This is a great especially if you don't type very fast. It keeps it simple for you and you know where you left off if you are distracted at anytime during your party with questions. Doing this helps keep you on track and uses your time wisely which is very important in a successful party. This also helps get through the nervousness that may be present. Time yourself copy and pasting your presentation from one program to another so you know exactly how much time you are using. This is not a race so make sure you are pasting with enough time for guests to read. Do not go too slow either. You want to keep the party moving but not so fast your guests can't keep up and miss important information or too slow they get bored and lose interest. Add in time to allow for questions, orders, etc.

  • Here is a simple run down of a basic party:
  • Introduce yourself, your company, and give your website url
  • Give some brief information about the company (what the company sells, why it was started, how long the company has been in business, etc)
  • Talk about why you love the company and products. This is a great time for a personal testimonial
  • Highlight your favorite product(s). Include a link to the product(s) as you speak about them. Don't just give the name and link, also give why it is your favorite.
  • Talk about any specials and sales being offered at the time of your party (personal or company and be specific which it is)
  • Make sure to post your link periodically for those who missed it or just joining the room
  • Talk about how to order (where on the site, special instructions if applies)
  • Offer to answer any questions periodically (some guests do not want to interupt so this gives them a chance to ask before they forget their question)
  • Offer consultant/affiliate opportunities (cost, including kits, quotas, commission, etc)
  • Play a game. Word scrambles and scavenger hunts are popular and very easy to conduct. Have fun with it!
  • Offer a prize to the winner. This can be very small and does not have to break the bank. With candles you can offer a couple tealights or votives. This can a gift certificate even. If you would enjoy receiving it as a prize, it is enjoyable for your guests to win.
  • Games are usually optional depending on the party room host site. Make sure to find out beforehand.
  • Always end thanking everyone for coming.
  • Offer to assist in placing orders
  • Give your name, your wesbite once, and how to contact you

Here is a few game suggestions and how to conduct them. Modify these to suit your company and your needs:

Word Scramble - Pick 5 - 10 words from your site or your business and scramble them up before the party. Let everyone know that the words are coming from your site or your business whichever you choose. The first one to guess the word and spell it correctly wins a point. Most points wins the game.

ABC Game - Pick a letter of the alphabet, the first person to give you a product that you sell, that starts with that letter gets a point. Do 5-7 letters. At the end the person with the most points is the winner. This game is good for getting people looking at your site trying to find products that start with each letter.

Scavenger Hunt - Pick out 5-7 words or products, and create questions for guests. Example of questions, what type of wax is used in candles? What is the scent of the month? What is the first product available under XXXX section? The first person to answer the question correctly wins a point. Person with most points wins. Make some easy to find and have at least 1 tough one making your guests really look for the answer. This is a good game for getting people exploring your site.

Have additonal questions available in case of a tie. Games can also be non-business related such as the candy bar game.

Here is questions/hints to names of candy bars and their answers.

A famous trio? (3 Musketeers)
A Galaxy? (Milky Way)
Can't hold on to anything? (Butterfinger)
Twin letters? (M&M's)
To chuckle to oneself? (Snickers)
Before 1? (Zero)
A famous baseball player? (Babe Ruth)
A workers favorite day of the week? (Payday)
An Indian burial ground? (Mounds)
A joy to be around? (Almond Joy)
A rainbow of color? (Skittles)
They can save your life? (Lifesavers)
A planet (Mars)
What do you call this? (Whatchamacallit)
Superman's human name? (Clark)
A famous New York street? (5th Ave)
These Tamalies are great? (Lemon Head)
Don't be a sourhead? (Lemon Head)

I do not recommend having more than 1 game during your presentation if you have reserved a 30 minute time slot. You waste valuable time that you should be using to sell yoru product/service. You want to use as much time as possible presenting your company and products as well as answering questions. You can add in the game at any time during your presentation. Some like to wait until the end while others will break in the middle for a game. I have seen the rare game at the very beginning. You can even turn the game into your presentation. Use the scavenger hunt and with each correct answer, go into detail about the answer.

Everyone has a different method for conducting the party but they are relatively the same in format. Just have fun with your presentation. If you are having fun, your guests will have fun.

Time slots run anywhere from $1-$5 for 30 minutes. Many have rooms available to rent for larger periods of time for exclusive parties. These range from a set price for all day rental to hourly rates. When you reserve your time slot, you need to start advertising asap. This is your responsibility and the only way to ensure a successful party. The majority of party room owners will not do this for you without and additional fee. Invite family and friends, Post bulletins on profiles, message boards. Send posting to all groups you are part of such as Yahoo! and MSN. Write blogs. Submit the party room site to traffic exchanges leading up to your time slot. Submit your time slot to other sites who have a calendar for these events. Make sure reminders are sent the day before and also a few hours before your party begins. Add this information to your email and message board signatures. Just like any other promotion you do, you need to do this more than once and to more than a handful of people.

When looking for a party room, look for a room that is fun and interactive. Visit one as a guest before deciding if you are unsure. Find out if the party room owner or a designated moderater will be available during the party or fair. This is comforting to have as they ensure everyone is on task and using their time slot properly. These are not required and you are responsible for managing your time, but they are helpful in assisting you.

I do offer a party room on my site at http://www.freewebs.com/shopatlivs/partyroom.htm. I host a vendor fair every Sunday 6pm-9pm EST offering 6 - 30 minute time slots. Feel free to stop in during our weekly fair and enjoy yourself.

Don't stress over stumbling. It's ok. We all have been there. Just excuse yourself for a moment and start where you left off. A party is fun! Don't make it a chore. Have fun with it!

Olivia Vidal
© Copyright 2008

Save it!

With a growing family, you could always save a buck here and there. Start at the grocery store. Make a list! Walking through a store picking up anything that sounds good will certainly increase your total unnecessarily. Plan your meals ahead and make a list using this method. This also prevents unneeded extra trips to the grocery store for those forgotten items which almost guarantee added items you don't need. I like to plan 1 extra meal every 2 weeks for those unexpected guests. Buy your meats in bulk and use freezer bags to seperate them into manageable meals. You save big per pound making the extra freezer bags worth while and still save in the end.

Kids like to take chips for lunch? Buy full size bags instead of snack size bags. All you have to do is is seperate these into individual serving baggies. What you paid $6 will only cost you average $4. You get more for your buck and spend less in the long run.

Clip those coupons and actually take them with you. Only clip coupons for items you will actually use. Can't seem to find coupons for what you need? Look online. Most companies have jump on the ecommerce wagon giving us a great convenience of printing our own coupons for our favorite brands. Join online coupon clipping groups. This is a great way to trade coupons with others for what you are looking for.

Read the sale paper. There are many hidden sales we all over look. Take those sale papers with you if your local store does a price comp. Don't be afraid to try store brand products instead of name brands. You will be surprised on how great they taste leaving you with big savings. Most times you are paying for the name not the product.

Have leftovers? Pack up your leftovers and take for lunch. The average person spends $5 a day for lunch alone while at work. That is $25 a week; $100 a month. What could you do with an extra $100 a month? Not only are you saving money but most times you are saving that waistline.

Like those specialty coffees in the morning? Brew your own favorite coffee and keep flavored creamers and even whipped cream on hand. You can make your own special drink right at home for a fraction of the cost.

You have a closet or 2 full of clothes you don't wear. All or most in great condition. Your friends wear them more than you do or they always compliment your clothes. Why not have a rerun party? Gather your friends together with your old clothes (or course good condition and clean) and exchange clothes with each other. You just gained a new wardrobe without spending a dime. It's a great way to get your friends together for laughs, maybe something to eat, and shopping. You can trade anything from clothes, purses, belts, old jewelry, scarves, jackets, and so on. How about those shoes you have never worn? Trade with someone who will wear them for a pair you will wear. This is a great way for moms on a budget to get something "new" for themselves without the price tag. Even better you just saved a bundle and have great new clothes to wear!

Use the rebates! We throw away hundreds even thousands of dollars every year. File your rebates and send them all at the end of the month. If you send them off once a month it is easier to keep track of and you don't feel overwhelmed with trying to remember.

Don't be afraid to ask for those rainchecks on sale items. A sell out of a great sale might leave you to purchase a similar item but that raincheck will save your wallet next time around. A savings is a savings. Don't skip it because you can't be bothered. Would you walk over a $1 bill laying in the street because you can't be bothered?

Request those samples. Many times not only are you receiving a sample but also a coupon. Samples can be a great stand by such as sample deodorant. These are great to keep in the car, use for traveling, or keep in your drawer for those times you run out a little too quick. Most companies these days have websites where you can request samples. Go take a look.

Keep your eye out for those bargins. They are everywhere!

Can you help?

This is on behalf of my friend Elena and her efforts to help her daughter...

Hello..I am writing on behalf of my daughter who's friend just lost her mother in domestic violence at the age of 11, I believe has finally realized just how blessed she(we) are.

She wants(with my help) to send as many stuffed animals to the children in need (house fires, police emergencies, medical emergencies, partental deployment to war zones, domestic violence, natural disasters) as possible. It doesn't have to just be their, it can be within our own backyards also. But it moved her(and me) to see her friend, trying to coop with the sititution and dealing with her siblings. They live on hope and dreams. My daughter noticed they need a hug from someone or something.

Why don't we give them a stuffed animal? Something to call their own. Something to cuddle with, snuggle with, cry with?

Will you join us in securing donations to purchase animals from Noah's Ark and send them to these children? I realize this is a huge endeavor, but I stand by my daughter 100% and will see this thru, even if it means donating myself.

The donations can be of any size, or we can designate a certain amount to donate. My daughters goal is 1000 animals to send, I think we can do better than that. Please help spread the word and consider "joining" this awesome opportunity.

I have not worked out all logistics, should animals be stuffed or unstuffed, which kinds, should they all be the same, should we just use the camp fire animals etc.

Thanks Elena #3608 and Thalia, 11yr old

If you have any questions, comments, etc, please email Olivia at shopatlivs@yahoo.com and I will be more than happy to pass the information on to Elena for her to contact you.

Charity Auction

Help Janel's fight against cancer. Janel is fighting cancer for the 3rd time and as you can imagine this has become a financial burden. She needs your help.

Please attend Janel's charity auction onSaturday, Jan. 26th at 11 am Pacific (2 pm Eastern)http://www.funds4janel.info

You can also make a donation athttps://www.fundable.com/groupactions/groupaction.2007-12-28.7743182540

If you would like to be a sponsor and donate items, gift certificates, or other items, please contact our Fundraising Coordinator Yvette Romero at Funds4Janel@gmail.com.
For more info:Charity Auction InformationJan. 16th @ 11am Pacific (2pm Eastern)

I am helping. Will you?


But it's not working?

I have been a full-time WAHM for 1 1/2 yrs now, 3 yrs total as a WAH/SAHM, 10 yrs on and off in direct sales. The most common thing I hear from WAHMs who can't seem to get their business off the ground is "but it's not working." I have to ask, why is it not working? What have you done? When you say you are working your business, what does that mean?
Write down what you have done. List everything including who you have told. You will end up seeing you aren't doing as much as you thought. It could be poor ad writing. You ad should be exciting, informative, leaves them wanting more. Should have a call to action - Hurry! Limited time! 1 day left! Don't miss out! Your ad should not be over written with big words or too long. Your reader will become bored.

Advertising in the wrong areas (ex. advertising beef jerky on a vean site). You can't very well sell a product if you aren't selling it to people who need it. Know your market.
Nobody knows about your business. You sent out an email to everyone you know about your business but did anyone read it? Follow up. Hold a contest. Invite guests to an open house where you have the chance to talk to your customers one on one.

Your are not showing how excited you are. Have you ever come across a cashier or waitress that was less than pleasant? Did that make you want to return? How about a home party where the consultant was dull and not very exciting. Did you buy anything? If you aren't excited, you can't expect your customer to be excited.

Maybe people are turned off when they ask for one thing and you don't give it to them. Nothing is worse than a consultant or representative who is not willing to work with you but expects you to buy from them. If you can't give what they ask, offer options. Never leave a bad taste with your customer.

Someone asks for a brochure, are you handing them one? Or are you pushing them off for a week because you are out? Are you sending them to a website instead because "you don't have catalogs?" Being out of catalogs or brochures are fine but make sure if you send them to a website, you are not brushing them off. Let them know you gave your last one away and you have more coming. In the meantime you have a website they can look over until the catalog or brochure arrives. Never tell them you don't have any and they have to look at a website. They don't have to look at anything and usually won't when you tell them to.

They are looking for a new company and ask for a sample. Are you willing to give them one? If not, why? Invest in samples if your company offers them. Maybe you can find a better what to spend $25 but that $25 on samples today and turn into $100 in orders later. Never leave a customer empty handed no matter the reason for no samples. Give them something even if just a piece of paper with your info and make sure you get theirs. Follow up with any customer who you give samples to. Be ready and willing to answer questions. Make them remember it was you who gave them samples.

You have told everyone about your business and are sure they know it's you with the new candles. Now telling everyone about your business is the first step but it's far from the final step. People know about it but now they need a reason to buy. Have you given them one? Just telling someone about your business doesn't make them buy. In the same turn today may be no but tomorrow may be yes. Everything takes work. There is no such thing as a WAHM business where you can pay the bills without getting out there and working. Building locally is easier than building online but you have to work your business. It can happen but YOU need to make it happen. So you ask, now what?

As I have said before tell everyone about your business. They don't know if you don't tell. Put your business link into your email signature. Make sure when you add your link, add http:// before your website. Example http://www.yourwebsite.com This makes your link live and clickable. If it's clickable, people are more likely to click on it and see what you offer.
Next, find others who need what you offer. Find message boards related to your market. If your market is woman, find message boards related to mothers, wahms, sahm, career moms, women, etc.

Here is a few to start with. http://www.momsbuyingfrommoms.com (introduce yourself and give my name Olivia as your referral)

Next look for groups dedicated to to your market. Yahoo! and MSN are filled with these groups.
Join Profile sites such as cafemom.com and joiningmoms.com. While MySpace is great for friends and such, it's lousy for making money. Does that mean don't advertise there? Absolutely not just be realistic about your expectations.

Buy ad space. Look for websites that are related to what you offer. Ad space can be as little as $1 per month to $25 per month. Join banner exchanges. Get your business in rotation. If you don't have banners to promote your business, make one or have one made for you. These are relatively inexpensive.

Join traffic exchanges. Get your name out there. Know the traffic exchange you join as some are filled with nothing more than get rich schemes.
Here are a few that are great to join:

Write blogs about your products/service, how to use them, tips and tricks, about business, etc.
Hold an online party. These are very simple and a great way to get your name out there. These are generally held with several at once and you reserve 30 minute time slots to present your product/service. These run anywhere from $1- $5 and upwards for special dates such as Christmas. You can also reserve rooms for longer periods to present during an exlusive party.
Here are a couple party rooms to try:http://www.freewebs.com/shopatlivs/partyroom.htmhttp://www.freewebs.com/partyatelenas/partyroom.htm
Have you submitted your website to search engines? While that thought sounds expensive, you can submit your site for free! It just takes a little searching. Here are ones I use regularly.

These are only a few ways to get off and running. Just remember you need to get out there and network and show people they need you. If one thing doesn't work, try something else until it does. Your business will only build and thrive based on your hard work and is nobody's repsonsibility but yours. Do your research, seek out new and creative ways to get your name and business out there. Don't hide. The more you hide, the less you are seen. Make yourself known. Nothing is easy but it does get easier.

While I am by no means an expert, I have been through the ups and downs of building a home business and continue to build even now. It never ends no matter what steps you have taken. You need to give your business time every day even if only 30 minutes. You only get what you give. If you only have 10 minutes a week, what return do you expect to get back?
There is no excuse in sucess but failure is full of them. The only things holding you back are what you are not willing to do for your business. Don't give up after the first no. The 11th try may be your yes.

Now get out there and work!

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