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"The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible"

~ Anonymous

Tea Time with Liv

Get Dressed Every Day

Working from home in your pajamas all day sounds like a dream job right? Of course it does! But did you know your appearance can effect your attitude?

When you are dressed lazy, you feel lazy, and this can translate into your attitude while you work. You will be less productive.

Getting dressed every day for work will put you in the mindset for work regardless if anyone will actually see you. Being dressed for work changes your attitude and you are ready to work. You are more productive and even have a professional tone in your voice when dealing with client calls.

Getting dressed for work is fixing your hair, put a little make up on, appropriate shirt (no t-shirt unless it is a logo shirt), pants, and proper shoes. You may say to yourself this is a lot of work just to stay home and work. This is your job we are talking about. If you went to an actual office you would get dressed correct? What makes your home office any different?

It all goes back to if you look good you feel good. If you look professional you feel professional. Try it for an entire week and you will notice a difference.

Olivia Vidal
© 2009-2011

Advertising sale!

The year is nearly half way over and it is time to start those holiday ads. It may sound early but many begin their shopping in July. Get your name out there and show off those products.

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Olivia Vidal
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Join the discussion

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Olivia Vidal
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Creating Fillers

A filler for business is marketing materials sent to others and usually grouped together in packs. This is a great networking and marketing tool. These are great to hand out at vendor fairs with just your information.

A good filler has a business card, brochure or catalog, and a sample or promotional item. These should be neatly put together or attached.

Above you see a few ideas for fillers sent in to me recently to be placed inside a tote that will be given out during my local Relay for Life event on June 10, 2011. Some are simple while others are more elaborate.

You can join groups such as mompack.com and start your own filler packs. Include them in orders, hand out during customer or hostess meetings, pass out at fairs, or anytime you come across a potential customer. They are fun to receive as a little gift and makes you memorable. Of course when passing out filler packs be sure your own information is included. I like to add my business card to the outside of the pack I give out.

I use 6"x9" sealed cellophane envelopes. All fillers I collect must fit within this. I do not collect fillers for the same business or similar business I am in. I also am careful not to place competing reps within the same pack as well. I take in several at once so I can organize them easily and not overlap. I take 1 day a month to create my fillers. Because of this I only collect enough to give out in 1 month. One so I don't have tons and tons of fillers and two I don't have fillers for longer than I need that may have promotions and coupons that will expire before I can pass these out. At this time I only give out about 25 a month. Soon I will be doubling this so I will take more than this in the next few months. Some do not do this and that is ok. Everyone creates theirs how they choose. This is just how I create mine.

Filler packs are a lot of fun to assemble and pass out. They have brought me much success and are very appreciated by those receiving them.

Olivia Vidal

© 2009-2011

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