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"The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible"

~ Anonymous

Tea Time with Liv

Mid Summer Inventory Sale!

I have some great items available for my own companies as well as purchases I have made and just have far more than I need that is just taking up space. Everything is brand new!

Take a look and see what I have for you. Hurry! Quantities are limited!

Contact me at disneyandmickeyfan@yahoo.com to place your order or for more information.

I accept PayPal (credit card, debit card, paypal, echeck) or Revolution Money Exchange.
All items will be shipped via United States Postal Service once.


Mia Bella Mixed Dozens
Each $25 plus shipping
I am not a Mia Bella rep and do not claim to be. These are just an overstock of candles I have.

Dozen #1 Includes:
Apricot Freesia
Caramel Apple
Victorian Rose
Chili Vanilli
Tahitian Spiced Vanilla
Lemon Verbena
Sicilian Lemon & Rosemary
Forbidden Fruit
French Vanilla
Georgia Peach
Sugar Cookie
Cucumber Cantaloupe

Dozen #2
Black Cherry
Ginger & Cedarwood
Caramel Apple
Lemon Verbena
Christmas Essence
Peach Papaya
Apricot Freesia
French Vanilla
Pumpkin Cheesecake
Cactus & White Peach
Forbidden Fruit
Blueberry Cobbler

Partylite 16 piece Summer Sampler
$15 plus shipping
I am a previous Partylite rep. This is part of my left over inventory.
Mellow Mango
Peach Passion
Raspberry Rapture
Marvelous Melon
Pistachio Pizzazz
Strawberry Parfait
Butter Pecan
Blueberry Swirl
Berry Bliss
Wild Lavender
Sunset Fiesta
Tropical Rain
Blue Lagoon

I have more Partylite items (candles and accessories) available per request. Sorry I no longer have Partylite business materials.

Mineral Girlz:
Mineral Girlz products can be viewed at www.GirlzStylin.comI am a Mineral Girlz Consultant and these are from my inventory and personal offer to you. These special prices are not available through Mineral Girlz or any other consultant

Lip Smacking Gloss Set w/ clear pouch
5 for $30 plus shipping
Save $10
Simple Sparkle
Be Mine
Fresh Berries
Show Off

Single items can be purchased for $7 each (only available for colors listed)

Sugary Sweet Lip Glaze
3 for $18 plus shipping
Save $6

Single items can be purchased for $7 each (only available for colors listed)

Sweet Cheeks Blush
$6 each plus shipping
Save $2

Super Sparkle Dusting Powder
$7 each plus shipping
Save $2
Pixie Dust
Fairy Dust
Super Shimmer

Small 5 piece brush set (synthetic bristles)
$3 each
Save $3
Powder brush
Chisel brush
Angle brush
Sponge applicator
Lip brush

Sudz Bar
$5 each plus shipping
Save up to $2
Lavender & Shea Butter
Oatmeal Milk & Honey

Salt Scrubz
$6 each plus shipping
Save $2
Oatmeal Milk & Honey

Salt Soakz
$6 each plus shipping
Save $2
Oatmeal Milk & Honey

Creationz By Me Base (unscented, uncolored) 8oz bottle
$4 each plus shipping
Bubble Bath

$3 each plus shipping
Save $1
Sweet Spray
Angelic Roll-on
Random Roll-on
Giggles Roll-on


Stuff A Friend animal kits
$8 each
Save $7
Includes unstuffed animal, stuffing, wishing star, stuffing stick, instructions, birth certificate
Choose your animal:
Ivory Bunny
Orange Striped Cat
Pink Pig
Tan Bear

Outfits also available per request.

Setting Goals

As a WAHM/D building a business, at the top of your list is your goals. Your goals are your foundation and direction in which your business moves forward and build. Without goals you will wander in every direction but foward.

When thinking about your goals, these need to be realistic. What are realistic business goals? A realistic goal is what you should be able to meet with persistence and hard work. This does not mean keep them simple. Challenge yourself but make sure you are aware of the acheiveability of these goals. An example of an unrealistic goal is making a million dollars and live debt free. A realistic goal is to make enough money to pay for your mortgage payment using your profits. If you meet that goal, go back and set a new goal. Once your acheive a goal, your goal setting is not over.

Why should you set business goals? Setting goals give you focus and a reason for being in business in the first place. It does not matter whether you are selling your homemade candles or you have just become the new beauty consultant in your neighborhood for an up and coming company.

When beginning to think about your goals, think short term. Take baby steps. You can't go from the bottom to over the top over night. Do it right and do it right the first time. Start with how much you would like to earn each month. Now remember to keep this realistic. There is no such thing as fast money in an honest business. Lets start with $100 a month. This number sounds very reasonable and less intimidating. Make it more attainable by breaking it down further to weekly. In this case it would be $25 a week. Maybe your weekly or monthly goal will be sponsoring a new member to your team or courting a new customer even breaking out of your shell and meeting new people and giving out your card. If you are in a home party plan you goal could be 1 party booking. Your goals are anything you will acheive to build a flourishing business.

Now that you have your short term goal, how are you going to acheive this? Time to make a list. This is where that notebook I have mentioned time and time again comes in. How many new people will you approach? Will you host a party that week? This is the time to be honest with yourself and know what you will and will not do to acheive those goals. The only thing between you and your acheivement is you.

While you are thinking about and setting your short term business goals, you also want to keep in mind the long term business goals. I suggest starting with looking at 6 months ahead and 1 year ahead. What kinds of goals would you like to have met in your business in 6 months and at 1 year? Can you see yourself obtaining these goals? Start with 1 year and write down all the things you wish to accomplish at this point in time during that first year. Once you have your 1 year goals, break it down to 6 months.

By now you should have weekly, monthly, a 6 month goal, and a 1 year goal. Don't write them down to never be seen again. Put these on your calendar. Refer to them often. Look over them from time to time and modify anything that may have changed. Make new goals to replace goals acheived. Never go a day without having a goal. If at any time you miss a goal, don't beat yourself up over it. Accept it, learn from it, keep moving.

You have your goals now go after them!

Olivia Vidal
© Copyright 2008

Is your attitude killing your business?

When building a business you are not just selling a product, you are also selling yourself. If people don't trust or like you, no amount of fast talking will make them want to buy.

You may think the loud mouthed, life of the party, opinionated, and ready to stand up for anything that comes your way is the best way to do business but you could be putting off people without realizing it. Do you boast to be the biggest "b" on the block with a capital B exclamation point?

If you come off overbearing and intimidating, that makes people fear you. They fear your presense and how they will be treated as a customer if concerns or a problem ever arrises. That makes them afraid to buy. If you are intimidating while trying taking their money, how will you be when you need to give it back due to a defective product?

You don't want fear instilled and connected to your business. You will be known in such ways that building a business will prove difficult if possible at all. This is the time to start looking to change your attitude and rid yourself of that horrible stigma.

You may not want to hear it but you need to know honestly how people preceive you. This is where your true friends and family come in. Ask them honestly to tell you how they see you and not just give the sweet cookie cutter picture they think you want to hear. This is extremely important to you and your busines that you receive the most honest comments. The an only then can you truly see the painted picture of the true you.

Your attitude is not just how people standing in front of you see you but also the tone in which you speak in the written word. In today's world, it is almost impossible to avoid those email messages. Today's WAHM/D goes beyond that. You join groups on Yahoo!, Google, Cafemom, and there is a plethera of message boards for every possible home business that exists. Because everything is in written form, it is difficult to convey certain feelings when it is taken in a different form.

Ever have someone react to your post as though you personally attacked them when you were only trying to be honest and helpful? Ever tried to joke with someone only for them to be upset that you were so insulting? This is exactly what we are talking about. Sometimes it is harmless while other times you are a habitual offender and always believe someone else is at fault. If you are constantly confronted and now feel as though nobody likes you, it may just be YOUR attitude and not theirs.

A few things to help change how people see you is start rehearsing our parties, have someone question you about your company and product, re-read all emails and even have someone else read them beforehand, reread all message board messages before posting and again even have someone read them before posting. If you are getting honest feedback and not just the sugar and sweet friend response, you are on your way to changing your attitude.

Olivia Vidal
© Copyright 2008

Alienating Potential Customers?

This was not my intended new blog but after talking with a few others feeling the same way, I felt this was a good time to talk about it. That is alienating customers.

Now some don't even realize they are doing it. Some simply don't care. Some realize it but feel it is a good marketing tactic and will even repeat this again.

My first personal experience with this was at an online party for a product I was very interested in. At a party you normally expect some sort of special. The special was announced and sounded great! Then the conditions came - you receive the special for signing up with a new payment system only. What!? So because I already signed up I was not able to get the special no matter what I spent. How fair was that!? So I asked is there something special for us who have already signed up? No such luck. We got full price and full shipping, no discounts of any sort no matter the order size or even a freebie thank you gift.

Talk about feeling devalued. Maybe it didn't seem like much to some but here you are so excited to attend a party, ask those burning questions, you know a game is just around the corner, and a party special to sweeten the night only to be stunned with being told if you don't help the rep earn a referral bonus, you get zip, zero, nada.

Now I thought this was an isolated incident. I spoke with a few others casually and found it is becoming common. As we spoke a few things came up about how that made guests feel - unimportant, greedy rep, selfish rep with selfish intentions, alienated, devalued, unappreciated. More importantly the most common results was everyone would not buy from that rep, did not buy during that party even if a friend was getting credit, would not buy from that company even with a better rep, have told others to not buy from the rep/company.

Now the rep I encountered could have very easily earned my sale and a few others in my position had the special gone something like sign up with {blank} and get such and such off the entire order or spend such and such amount and get so much off the entire order. This way everyone is encouraged to buy, rep makes several sales, and likely to receive return customers.

I am sure these specials sounded great in theory but I don't believe these reps really knew how they made guests feel. By the way this was not the same rep in all situations. Each had a different encounter with a different rep.

While planning your party whether home, online, or catalog, make sure you are offering something for everyone and not just a select few. This is seperate from games. If you want to offer very little as far as specials, do a game and save your customers.

Remember a happy customer is a repeat customer and repeat customers tell others who become customers. No matter how it happens that means dollars for you no matter how you add it up. A unhappy customer or potential customer means no sales, then they tell others who also become non-customers that turns into a bad reputation. No customers mean no money no matter how you add it up.

Every customer and potential customer should be valued no matter how much they spend with you. Treat them as such and reap the benefits.

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