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Tea Time with Liv


This is a constant issue that I feel I must address from time to time - Spam.

Spam is ANY unsolicited email, instant messages advertising, blog comments advertising unwelcome products or services, unwelcome advertisements on forums and message boards, mobile phone text ads, invitations to social networks regardless if business related, to join traffic exchanges, and anything else you or your business will benefit from. If someone did not ask for it no matter the intention it is unsolicited and that is spam.

I see many WAHMs justify their spam by stating they were just passing on something they thought they would benefit from. If it was not asked for, it is spam. A common way many WAHMs begin to spam is using their address book. If they come in contact with anyone for any reason through email they automatically add them to their address book without permission. Because they felt they were entitled due to previous contact regardless of the circumstances surrounding that contact they send our advertisements for their business.

Spam is spam no matter how you try to candy coat it and change the intention. If you did not ask if you can add a contact to periodic emails or they did not sign up for your newsletter, do not send them spam. It's that simple.

If you do receive permission to send email advertisements or newsletters (it is not spam if you have permission) you must offer the option to opt out later. A simple disclaimer at the bottom telling receivers how to remove themselves from your mailing list is all you need.

Make it easy and simply state:

If you no longer wish to no longer receive periodic emails from {insert your name or business name here} click reply with unsubscribe in the body or subject line.

You don't need to bother with asking why. Just respect their wishes, accept they no longer wish to receive your mailings, and leave it at that. There is nothing worse than receiving more emails after you requested they stop just to find out why you want to stop. Just end the emails immediately.

Do not risk harm to your name or your business because you sent out what you called a beneficial email aka SPAM to someone who did not want to receive any. More reputations get a nasty ding over what you thought was an innocent email. Its not worth the trouble so just do not do it.

Olivia Vidal
© 2009


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