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Tea Time with Liv

Organize It

Representing multiple companies is fast becoming a popular trend in the WAHM world. Problem many women face is organization. Starting and building one business can be a great deal of work in itself. Add a second, third, or more, and that can spell instant stress and move towards overwhelming before you even really gain momentum. Along with just gaining sales you need to market and network. Getting and staying organized is absolutely necessary.

Here are a few tips to get and stay organized:

Create folders in your bookmarks or favorite list in your browser for every day of the week. This will make 5 new folders. In those 5 folders create bookmarks of sites you need to visit that day. Each day you will click on that days folder. This can include:
  • Social networks
  • Message boards
  • Blogs
You can have multiple days with similar sites but plan to visit each site you have joined at least once a week. This will help keep you on track and consistent in your marketing and networking.

On your desktop create a folder that says WAHM business or anything that refers to your business. Within this one folder you will have a dedicated folder for each company. Each company folder can have several folders.

Folders on computer for each company should include:
  • Keep online notepad for important links
  • Files containing rules, guidelines, handbook
  • flyers to handout, bookmarks, business cards, brochures
  • Product information, use tips, ingredients
  • Newsletters
Having these folders separated by company help keep all you need easily accessible. Keep these folders in one main folder on your desktop. This is your daily reminder of where to visit once you sit down.

Most have just one email for all business and even personal. Keep your email organized for business as well. In your email create a folder for each company.

Folders in email for each company may include:
  • Sign up info
  • Welcome letter
  • Email correspondence related to company
  • Newsletter
Keeping a folder for each company in your email keeps your email organized and easily accessible. This will help keep important emails where you need them without having to spend unnecessary time searching.

Here we are with that trusty notebook. Some are discovering how useful this. You should have one notebook dedicated to each company. You can have one general notebook for general notes but anything that pertains to a specific company should be in your company notebook.

Notebook for each company is for you to write about:
  • Goals for your business - you need to know where you want to end up. I suggest you start with short term goals and move to long term goals.
  • Ideas - ideas can be marketing your business, a new party idea, contests, etc
  • Budget - whether a business owner or consultant you must have a budget for your business. Your budget will include samples, business materials, advertising, demonstration kit needs, hostess or customer thank you gifts, shipping materials, and so forth. If it relates to the cost of your business, it needs to be included.
  • Training - this can be notes you received in training or how you wish to train your team members or staff.
Having a notebook per company keeps your thoughts clear and organized based on company vs general ideas.

Create a schedule
  • Daily schedule - know what needs to be done in your daily life as well as your work life. Keep a schedule so you are always on top of what needs to be done.
  • Open schedule for prospect appointments - always have time open to meet with a potential customer, hostess, or new team member.
  • Email reading - this sounds like a given but what most are trying to do is read email all day long. Instead read email at specific times instead.
  • Networking - this is where those bookmarks come in handy. Schedule time to visit those daily bookmarks and spend time networking. Networking and advertising is different so know the difference and network.
  • Marketing and advertising - start or check in on advertising campaigns. This can include researching, changing advertising, learning new advertising techniques, and learning how to properly advertise.
  • Training - schedule important training for your business into your schedule. Also schedule time to train team members and staff. This is an area to not neglect. You may not need to include this weekly but at a minimum of once a month.
Having a schedule ensures you are taking care of business as needed on a daily basis. This schedule includes work, home, family.

Staying organized is vital to your success. Without staying organized you will never reach your full potential and can lead to the failure of your business. No matter starting out or a seasoned business owner get organized and stay there.

Olivia Vidal
© 2009


Mary said...


Marketing your services is important no matter what type of home business you have; this will generate income and sales. Many home businesses stay afloat and not getting enough sales because they do not market their services efficiently. If you are a physical therapist and made a decision to practice your profession in the comfort of your home, then home health marketing is a vital part to become successful. When starting out different questions arise pertaining on how to get customers and how to tell others about your business.

Patrice said...

Agreed.Being organized is one of the factors to be a successful work-at-home mom. Great tips!

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