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Tea Time with Liv

Proof Read

More and more you are seeing simple spelling and grammar errors in advertising. We are all human but in business we are held to higher standards and you may turn a customer away because you forgot to proof read. It doesn't matter if you own a fortune 500 company or a WAHM with small crafting business out of your kitchen, business is business.

Now of course nobody is wanting you to become an English major but your ads are a representative of your business. This is regardless if you are a business owner, consultant, or affiliate. Lack of attention to detail can make a prospect think twice about doing business with you. Some may tell you its OK. It doesn't matter. Truth is it does. Are you willing to do so so in your business or are you wanting to do great!

Turning a customer off is something you do not want to make habit. Common grammar errors I am seeing are know and no, your and you're, there, their, they're. Spelling is even worse. Most programs out there have spell check. Even your email has spell check. Use it when corresponding with customers, sending ads to advertising groups. If you are using a program that does not offer spell check, open up Microsoft Word on your computer. Write what you need and spell check it. Word is great to check for common grammar. This does not pick up everything so don't rely on it.

Another problem occurring is posts and ads are being sent out as if the reader knows what you are thinking. I am speaking about company jargon, partial sentences, or something you feel everyone should already know about a product/service/company. When advertising, writing articles about your product/service/company you have to write as if they know nothing. At the same time you can't tell them everything in one shot. Its overwhelming to the reader and that alone can turn someone away.

Another problem I have seen recently is using words that mean something completely different than intended. It seems to come from one person using a word and others following.or copying an ad and a word being present that does not relate. If you are not sure of a word's meaning look it up. Dictionary.com is free on the Internet. If by chance the meaning is hard to understand which can happen also look up the word at thesaurus.com. This will give you other words that mean something similar so you have a better understanding what a word means.

Before you send out ads, posts or articles, press releases, have someone proof read it. Make sure it flows well, grammar and spelling is correct, and whether it is easy to understand. If it can't be read, difficult to understand, or just plain poor writing due to grammar or spelling, customers will steer clear of you. Don't let that happen. Take the time to do it right.

Olivia Vidal
© 2009


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