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Tea Time with Liv

Own Your Business

As a business owner it is obvious who has complete control over the company. As a consultant/distributor/representative you have control over your portion of the business. This portion of the business is what you have worked hard to build. As a WAHM you joined a company to start a business. Problem is very few "own" what they have started.

Now when I speak about owning your business this does not mean starting a new company. When you join a company and earn your pay through commission sales, you own that part of the business. You pay for the business cards you share with potential customers and recruits. You pay for the samples you pass out for customers to try. You pay for the ad space getting your name out there. You "own" your business.

Too many are in the mindset that it everything is done for you when you join a business. All you have to do is tell people and they will buy. In a far off land where the prince slays the dragon to win the heart of the princess this may be true. In the world we live in you have to work.

You have control over how successful your business will become. You have control over what you are willing to do to create the business you desire. You have control on whether your business will ultimately fail.

Don't wait for a company to offer customers incentives to buy. Take the reigns in your business. You offer your own incentives. Be creative. This is your business so own it. Offer your own sales. You know your customers best. Take care of them and own your business.

Olivia Vidal
© 2009


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