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Tea Time with Liv

Make that connection

If you are a consultant for a direct sales company, you are selling live and direct with your customer one on one. Direct sales is successful when the customer has a connection with the consultant, company, and the products. Online network marketing can and does work but not without dedication and time. In direct sales to be successful you need to be off the computer and in front of customers more than online.

Before you jump up and yell "I can't. I have kids" you can do this with kids. We are not talking just home parties here. We are talking about customer relationships. This happens every day, all day.

Direct sales is the marketing and product sales, direct to customers away from a retail location such as a store. Sales typically take place through a party plan, one on one demonstrations, and other arrangements. A text book definition is: "The direct personal presentation, demonstration, and sale of products and services to consumers, usually in their homes or at their jobs."

A party plan is home or online parties with a hostess earning rewards. You make sales during these home parties to your hostesses guests. You also gain leads during these parties for future parties, recruiting, and future sales.

During these interactions you will need to make that connection. Nobody wants to buy from someone they do not like. Your connection may be your children. Leads come from everywhere including your child's sports teams, club meetings, and friends. These are people you deal with all the time and enjoy the company of.

Don't just sell. Find that connection. They are lurking where you never realized. Open your eyes and look around. Your connection is just around the corner.

Olivia Vidal
© 2009


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