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Tea Time with Liv

Promotional Fillers

In July Liv's WAHM Blog is going to give away Mom Packs. A Mom Pack is a packet of advertising pieces coordinated by individual members in order to broaden their advertising market to expand literally all over the U.S. and beyond. This means your business can be included in this Mom Pack for free and sent to other moms all over the US.

This is a fantastic marketing opportunity. You are reaching a new group of people you never had access to before. Mom Pack are never sold although you may be requested to provide exact shipping cost to receive one. These are given free to customers so they never have to pay to receive your fillers except for shipping cost when applicable.

You are invited to send fillers in sets of 25 to be included in our Mom Pack. A filler can be anything from a simple business card to a well package gift with your business materials and samples. Colored paper is eye catching, useful items, candy, and samples bring attention to your information. You want customers to see your information and actually look forward to seeing what you have to offer. Give customers reason to grab yours first.

This does not have to be an expensive venture. Here are some examples of fillers:
  • Business postcard with individual wrapped candy stapled to corner.
  • Brochure, business card, sample, placed in cello bag, tied with ribbon at top or stapled.
  • Business card with hole punched in corner tied to pencil with company name (oriental trading has personalized pencils cheap)
  • Instead of a traditional business card, print business cards on magnet sheets. These can be found in the office supply section of your favorite store. If you have professional cards ready to give, you can buy business card size magnets that just adhere to back of business card.
  • Part of a toy company? Print up coloring pages with your info at the bottom, attach a business card and a crayon or 2.
  • Makeup company? Create a flyer for customer to have 10 of her friends to buy a lipstick and she gets one free. Attach business card and lipstick sample if available.
  • Create a flyer about your business with your contact info and a short scavenger hunt (7-10 questions). Have customer complete and contact you to win a prize.
  • Seed packet for flowers attaching a label with your business card information. Add a popsicle stick so they can place he empty pouch near the planting grounds.
  • Buttons are fun and interesting.
  • Create a bookmark with your information.
  • With a food company? Offer a recipe card with your information on the back. Include names and how to order items from your company.
  • Business card size calendar. Calendar on one side, your business information on the other. Tip cards are great as well. Customers keep these in their wallet and next time they go out to eat, they pull out the tip card and reminded of your company.
  • During flu season offer up trial size bottles of hand sanitizer with your business label.
  • Scrapbooking companies, create blank or birthday greeting cards. Show off your products and how they are used in the creation of these. Everyone needs a card at some point.
  • Gift certificates, coupons, frequent buyer cards are also wonderful fillers.
  • Someone who sews? Create coasters to show off your handy work.
You can send fillers to:
Olivia Vidal
745 Cherokee Dr
Rio Rancho, NM 87124

Olivia Vidal
© 2009


kathy said...

Hello Olivia,How do you get a package of fillers and pay for the shipping to try different peoples items to join other companies.I am a consultant for It Works and Monet Minerals and I can send in fillers for Monet minerals but to send in 25 sample packs is hard...I need to send in business cards with a assortment of monet minerals and a sales item like you said maybe pencils personalized or something else besides their makeup that would be very costly for that amt of samples.I woudl like to do both,get one and send some out...let me know how to get one first..it may be interesting to see what people are selling and the information of their companies and actually try a couple of products..this is a great way to get customers or new reps to sign up. thanks Kathy

Olivia - http://sochicbagboutique.com said...

I will offer these on the blog through paypal when I have them all in place and know the exact weight. As far as fillers go offer a piece of candy. Have something clever that relates to a product. Maybe something cherry that relates to a red lipstick. A pen or pencil works great as well. These act as reminders to come back. Do what is best for you and your business. If samples are not an option now, work up to them as your business grows. However samples can help in the growth of your business since customers can see, touch, try, and fall in love with a product. Just do what you can and try something new next time.

Personalized Promotional Gifts said...

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