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Tea Time with Liv

How Does Twitter Work?

As Twitter membership moves into high gear more and more are asking how Twitter can help their business.

Twitter is a micro blog. It is a 1 line update on what you are doing or would like to share. You can post links in your update, have conversations with others, or anything you wish to say up to 140 characters. This is one place you can invite those following you to visit your website or blog. In your profile you have a mini about me section. Put a quick blurb about your here and if you have room feel free to add your website or blog URL. You can add your logo as a background or as your profile picture. You have a space to add a website link in your profile as well.

Those following you will see your updates in their timeline. Those you are following you will see their updates in your timeline. Your updates can also be viewed by others who visit your profile. You need to keep this in mind because a misconception of many is if you follow someone they will see your updates and that is simply not true.

An option for your background that can be great is visit http://www.twitbacks.com/. This will create a custom background with more options such as multiple websites, social networks, etc. Drawback on this is it becomes an image and you cannot copy and paste text on the background.

Keep your twitter status updated every day. I suggest a few times a day. Takes little effort to do so. Search others using keywords and follow others. Others will follow you. Do not make twitter an ad. Add in social updates as well. This is a networking site and networking is business and pleasure.

Keep your notifications on so you know when someone new is following you. When there is a new follower, send them a direct message thanking them and invite them to see your website. Direct messages are also 14o characters so keep it short and sweet. This is where the networking begins.

There is something called retweet. What that is you repost what others post granted their updates are not protected. If updates are protected you cannot pass these on. Make sure your updates are not protected or your updates will not be passed on. How it works: Lets say I want to retweet something you have posted I will click reply on that specific status put RT in front of your name (will look like @girlzstylin) then post the status after your name. When you want something passed on, make sure you also put RT PLS in your status so others know to pass it along. Some will pass it on regardless but this helps let others know you want this passed on. Just watch what others do.

Replies will appear in your timeline meaning the public can see them. Direct messages do not appear in your public timeline. If you have something private to say, do so in direct message.

If you use Twitter for business promotion don't just follow anyone and everyone. Don't always follow those that follow you. If you post about swine flu different Twitter platforms will show you as a match for this. This doesn't mean they are interested in your new diet program. It was simply your updates were a match to their needs. When someone follows you, look at their profile and see if they discuss what is of interest to you. Sadly there are also porn profiles. Just another reason to check profiles. I bring this up because those new to Twitter automatically follow everyone that is following. This is the same as accepting all friends on MySpace. If you have nothing in common, why are you friends? Same here.

Once you get the hang of it, it will become effortless and habit to place updates. The more you keep it updated, the more others will follow.

Olivia Vidal
© 2009


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