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Tea Time with Liv

Check Yourself

You are on your way to a meeting with a new customer, host a party, or discuss a proposal with a store, do you look your best? There are a few simple things we miss that we never think of especially important to WAHMs and small business owners.

Check your hair. Anything can happen. A seat belt can pull hair out of place, wind blows hair out of place, leaf can fall. You don't want a prospect focusing on a hair faux pas.

Have a twirl in front of the mirror. Look for spots, wrinkles, tucked or untucked clothing. Also check your clothing for thin or see through material. Walking into a meeting with light colored pants and dark colored panties is not very graceful and will warrant attention you will not be happy about.

Check your teeth. Lipstick on teeth, food, even bad breathe will leave you in bad taste. A great trick to keep lipstick off the teeth is take your index finger, place between lips, press lips around finger, and pull. This will remove excess lipstick that tends to find its way onto your teeth. A new product that I find to be a fantastic offering is the Colgate wisp. It is a 3 1/2" disposable toothbrush. It has a built in freshening gel bead that does not require water or rinsing. The other end is a soft pick to remove those leftover food particles. It comes in a 4 pack so it can easily be carried in your purse, car, briefcase. The suggested retail is $2.39. I purchased mine at Walmart for about $1.97. You can visit their website and receive a $0.50 off coupon and try these http://www.colgatewisp.com. Keep mints or gum on hand. Don't walk in with these in your mouth but if you need a quick breath freshener this is the quick fix.

Smokers, do not smoke before walking into a meeting. You may hear this often but it can't be stressed enough. The stale smell of smoke can be overpowering and even worse to those that are sensitive to smells including asthmatics. No matter how much perfume you spray on you will not be able to get rid of that smell. If you must smoke do not do so right before meeting with a prospect, do not in the car (this lingers and makes it worse even with windows down), use Febreeze. Even if you don't smoke that day it is in your clothes.

What you think is fashionable others may find tacky or over the top. Do not wear anything with writing. You don't want to chance offending anyone unintentionally. Don't over dress. Over dressing can seem intimidating to some. Dress the part. If you have several tattoos you may want to cover them up. While most are very open to the art you wish to share, some still are uncomfortable with them. We can write an entire article on how to dress for who but for now just be careful.

Get a manicure. Your nails may be clean but if your nails look discolored, jagged, uneven, or your hands are rough, it can be a turn off to prospects. You may not think about it but it can be a deal breaker for some. This doesn't mean go get a paraffin dip or even a fancy Swedish hand massage. Just keep it simple and clean. If you are not big on taking care of your nails I suggest painting your nails a solid color - reds, pinks. This way you don't have to worry if there is a touch of dirt under your nails. This is the same if you wear open toed shoes. Do not get caught with unkept toes. You can even find press on nails that are modestly priced and easy to apply. Nail upkeep is not expensive but needs to be done regularly.

Do your hands sweat when you are nervous? Wear pants with pockets and keep a tissue or handkerchief to tad your hands before a handshake. Along these lines watch the lotion. Too much can make your hands greasy. On hot days pat your hands with powder. This will help. Wet or greasy hands can leave your prospect with an uneasy feeling forcing them to make a decision before you even begin talking.

Give yourself the once over before leaving the house and before walking into your meeting. Use your car windows. Even the low quality reflection will still be adequate to make sure you still look well put together.

Olivia Vidal
© 2009


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