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Tea Time with Liv

"I don't have time"

I am taking a break from the usual article because this is becoming a problem. Too many are talking about this same issue so someone needs to address it.

I hear this over and over again when the discussion comes up about building a business- I don't have time and/or money. If you have no time and/or money and not willing to make the time or spend the money, why are you in business (business owner or consultant)? Because you thought it would be easy? To make fast money? Fast money does not exist in business. If you want fast money, have a garage sale this weekend. Even then, a garage sale takes work and money. A garage sale you need to make change so you have to have money. What about those signs to tell people you have a garage sale? Who is going to put out all the items you wish to sell? The little gnomes in your garden will not magically wake up and do it for you. It is work.

Don't join a company because someone told you that money can be made easily. Its not easy. It is work. When was the last time you walked into a job and did absolutely nothing and got paid for it? It is no different than a business you work from home. It is neither easy or fast money.

Don't sign up for a company without evaluating what you are and are not willing to do. If you aren't willing to have parties, don't join a party plan. You have to hold parties to be successful. Internet marketing simply will not do. If others are doing it, it is either a fluke or they have established those all important customer relationships over time. It didn't just happen.

Don't join a company because "it will work out eventually." It won't. The only way it will work is if you make it work. You have to invest time and money to build a business. There is no such thing as a free business. You will be investing in product (you have to use it to sell it), business materials (you can't build a business without the basic business card), advertising (if nobody knows you exist, they won't buy).

Don't join a company with products you will not use or like. Nobody will buy from someone who won't even use the products they sell no matter how good it is. If the excuse is I don't have the money to buy, how do you expect to sell a product? You can't tell someone how great it is if you haven't experienced this yourself. Can you imagine trying to sell a lotion and tell someone it is not oily and soothing to the skin to only find it is in fact oily and stings because of heavy perfume? Are you willing to risk your reputation now and in the future?

I was at an online party recently and had a conversation with a woman who over and over said she had no time to build her business. Then she proceeded to complain she wasn't getting any sales. The worst part is she said this in front of so many people. You can't do that and still expect to get orders. What happens is you are telling potential customers you have no time for them so don't bother buying. You are telling potential customers you don't care about your business. You are telling potential customers you are only concerned about the money and not about what they need. This is not the impression you want to give. She would have been better off telling nobody about her business. At least then she would not be committing business suicide.

A common reason people sign up for a company is because they need to make money while they have none. They never once take into account the time and money that will be required to build. This is not what the company requires. This is what anyone requires when building a business. This is one of the worst ways to start a business no matter a business owner or consultant. If you start broke how do you invest? How do you buy quality business cards? How do you buy product to sell? How do you do anything but tell people you link?

Yes there are some who boast starting out broke but they got money somewhere - borrowing, selling off property, recycling cans, something. What I am talking about is you sign up for a company that is free because you can't even afford the sign up fee and expect to generate sales without every spending a dime.

Before you join a company you need to ask yourself these questions:

Am I willing to commit time to my business daily? (bare min of 2-4 uninterrupted hours a day)Am I able to try the product/service before joining?
Do I like the product/service?
Am I willing to invest money into my business immediately? (business materials, product, advertising)
Am I joining for reasons other than just a discount?

If you answered yes to all these questions, then it is time to do your research with the company you wish to join. Join yahoo groups such as Consultant Check and research your sponsor, the business owner, and the business. Also join a yahoo group called the Mom Pack. You can send out posts asking for the good and bad on a company and the current owner (if you have name). With a group that has over 8,000 members you will get some great feedback.

Know what is involved with building a business with the company you are interested in. Know you will be investing time and money. There is no excuses for not devoting time to your business.


Cher said...

Great post, very helpful!

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