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Tea Time with Liv

Ready for your product to be reviewed?

Our reader list is increasing (not the same as followers) and that means more opportunity for your product and name out to a larger audience. Starting in January product reviews will become a regular sight here are Liv's WAHM Blog. With 150+ unique visitors a week and a 60% return rate, this is a great opportunity for your product to reach the audience your deserve.

Why do a product review?
How many times have you seen a great product but unsure if it is something you should spend money on? A company you have never tried and nervous about the outcome? A consultant you just met and no relationship built? A product review allows potential customers to search out experiences and see how others have felt about your product. Many times this speaks volumes louder than a simple ad. Many people seek these out but rarely find an experience by someone not associated with the product and only wants to sell them a product or service. This can lead to lost sales. I have 2 product reviews currently available for review here at Liv's WAHM Blog. I know of 3 people who contacted me to let me know they purchased the pedipaws simply because of my personal experience. It was a simple unbiased documentation of my experience without anger or expectations.

What is included in a product review?

I will answer the following questions:

Name of Company
Name of Consultant or Owner
Website URL (if available)
Contact Information
How to order
Product(s) received for review
How long take to receive product(s)
Condition of product(s)
How and what product(s) is used for
Ease of Use
Communication during process
Qualities of product(s)
Overall opinion of product
Any additional information I feel is pertinent to your product review

The question I get frequently is do I post negative reviews. The answer is yes. Here is my reasoning. If someone sends me a product to try and review and there are several reasons for me not to recommend a product, I will post that information. Our readers want real experiences by a real person not trying to sell them a product. They are not looking for glorified advertisements. In a virtual world customers cannot try products themselves. Product reviews by someone who has tried the product and are willing to give an honest and fair observation and experience. This is how they can decide whether a product is worth purchasing. Of course I will not post a negative review for someone who's package arrived late for situations beyond their control (ex. bad weather). These are case by case and during this process communication is key.

What is required for product review?

Product- This can either be sample sizes or full size. Which every is preferable for you. Samples can be easiest to allow for more than one product(s) to be reviewed. More than 1 sample of each product is recommended to allow a fair assessment and review of the product(s).
Your full name - Potential customers want to know you are a real person and possibly conduct their own investigation as to who you are. This is not a scary thing. People just want to know you are trust worthy.
Website URL - Potential customers many times wish to view the product on the site and obtain any additional information about the product and/or company
Company name - This is quite obvious
Are you a consultant (or preferred title) or owner - potential customers want to know who they are dealing with.
Contact information to include email - If you cannot be contacted most will not want to purchase from you. They want to know they can contact you with any questions, concerns, or additional information.
Any special instructions needed for use of product - I need to know exactly how a product is used. If I use a product incorrectly, your review may be inaccurate for various reasons. If instructions are not included I need these as well as your customers can use this information in their decision making.
How to order - Does ordering take place via website, email, in person. Also include accepted payment types. If a customer has a specific credit card they wish to use, they need to know they can use it to make a purchase.
Shipping times - This is only to show when a product is expected to arrive from the time a potential customer orders to the time it ships. Also include how an order is shipped (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc)
Send pictures of your product or I can take my own pictures to post - This is so customers have a visual reference to the product you offer. Many people are visual people and will remember what a product looks like before they remember a name. This gives a face to the product name.
Include a banner (if available).
Include any other additional information you feel is necessary for your review.

IMPORTANT: Do not send your product for review package in any extra special way. It needs to come as though any customer has ordered. How your package arrives will be documented. You do not want to hurt your future sales because you sent it extraordinary and others only receive the ordinary. While the gesture is very much appreciated, just send your product in the way you would normally ship.

If you choose to send a product that would require a length of time to review (ex. change or improvement over 7 days) send enough product for this. I cannot offer a fair review if it needs to be used or observed over a period of time and all I receive is a one time use.

There will be occasions where I will hold a review party. At this time these will be held every other month starting in February. What this means is I will gather a group of ladies to try your product and issue their separate review. They will receive a questionnaire outlined above. I will post the groups review individually. If you wish your product be part of a review party you will be asked to send multiple samples or full product of the same product. As an example only, you may be asked to send as many as 10 or as little as 4. I will post about an upcoming review party and list how many women will be attending.

Your review will appear here and I will also send a copy to you. I will also include a link so you are able to use your review in your chosen advertisement. We are looking for items a woman would use. Whether an item strictly for a mother or an item both a man and woman can use. I will not be accepting men only items at this time. This may change at a later date.

Are you ready for your review? Have questions? Contact Olivia at disneyandmickeyfan@yahoo.com with Product Review in subject line.


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