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Tea Time with Liv

On the hunt

Lately I have been on the look out, even a hunt, for WAHM (work at home mom/mother) companies. Being a WAHM myself building and running a small direct sales company, I want to support other moms just like myself. Not necessarily do they have to be owned and ran by the person I come in contact. Just a company that allows mothers to stay home and make a great living.

In my quest I find myself examining, observing, testing products to see what makes them so special. Why this company? Why would I want to be a customer? Why would I recommend it to others? I think we all go through some level of this situation each time we try a new restaurant, test drive a new car, sample a new product one Saturday afternoon of grocery shopping. I just happen to write about anything related to a WAHM including their company.

I continue to write about products and services found outside of the WAHM world. Many of us want to hear what others have to say and that is where I come in. That is also where my readers come in. What do you want to hear about?

I find that real life experience has been helpful when I do research on a new product. Instead of getting a glorified sales pitch telling me how great something is by someone wanting to sell me something, I get a real review. These are uncommon it seems but I do find them. As I discover something new and exciting or even dull and worthless I want to write about it. If I buy something completely useless and a waste of my money I want others to know why I will not recommend such a product. Not just a hateful vent about how I was ripped off.

I will not just be writing about what I find online but also in the stores. While I will be focusing on WAHM owned businesses I will not be exclusive to these. Ever see those ads on tv about something wonderful and want to know how it really stands up? You may very well find that here. Just as you found my Predipaws review. If they relate to a woman and/or mother or families, I will be reviewing these.

What do you want to hear about? I may just go out and try it myself and post my review here.


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