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Tea Time with Liv

Adopt A Family - Update

Just a few moments ago my husband drove off to the post office to get out 2 boxes of wrapped presents to our adopted family so it arrives by Christmas. My goal was reached and this family will receive a Christmas.

While I hoped to be able to get in donations for this family and fullfill most of their wish/need list, it just didn't seem possible. I didn't have a single donation come in. Times are tough for many so I can't be angry. I won't be angry.

We could not just give up and not let this family have a Christmas they so deserved. After talking my husband and I decided to forego presents to each other and cut the budget for everyone so we could make sure this family had the Christmas they hoped would come this year. Nobody would know they would be getting a lesser present. Even if they did they will know that part of their present was helping a family who would have nothing unlike themselves.

My husband, son, and I spent the morning gathering the final items. We wrapped each present so the surpise is not spoiled before Christmas morning. We carefully packed 2 boxes and off they went for a last minute shipment.

The entire time wrapping we imagined their faces and reactions to the gifts they would recieve. We gently played with the toys imagining they would enjoy them as much as we were. We also imagined what we would be like if these gifts we not received.

We took great pleasure in wrapping those gifts. Even teased each other over who was better at wrapping. I still think I am best lol

No matter who was the best at wrapping, the sillyness of playing with toys, or how we were able to swing it, there is one less family without this year and that is all that counts.


Brigitte said...

Christmas is the season of perpetual hope! You are really appreciated
Olivia for making a difference.

I know that family was truly blessed
Christmas Day, with your family provisions

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