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~ Anonymous

Tea Time with Liv

No more excuses

Over the years I hear many excuses - I can't do parties, my company didn't teach me that, my customer wants this so I can't sell to that one, my company doesn't offer that. Excuse, excuse, excuse. There are others with the exact same company, with the exact same products, and the exact same opportunity and are successful. So throw out the excuses and start owning up to your business.

There are no excuses in business. You either do or don't. If you make a mistake, say so. Don't explain how you had no sleep, your child was sick all night, and your computer has 10 thousand viruses, and your dog ran away. Excuses only lead to more. You feel better about them and feel others are ok with it so they breed more excuses. This is when I call someone an excuse addict. You can't stop and even live for them even if only subconsciously.

Don't let excuses ruin your business and your name. You may think it directly affects only you but it doesn't. It can affect an entire business. You may represent Widget World but because of you and your lack of ability to correct an issue customers will not return to Widget World. Example how this works - ever gone to a restaurant and received bad service? Ever decided to not return due to the bad service? The restaurant didn't do anything wrong. It was the service yet you were so turned off you didn't give them a second chance. Same with the WAHM world. Avoid the excuses, own up to responsibility, stop giving you and your business lower value, and start being professional.

If your company doesn't offer it, create an alternative. If your company doesn't teach it, learn it elsewhere. If you can't do parties then find a creative way to get out there in front of your customers. Overcome the obstacle not create an excuse. The more excuses, the more failure.

Once you free yourself of the excuse addiction you will set a path towards success.

Olivia Vidal
© 2009-2010


Janette Stoll said...

Hi Olivia,

Great post and you're so right on! Excuses can stop someone from achieving their dreams and it's so easy to do. The easiest one is "lack of time". You have to make time if it's THAT important to you. Thanks for sharing your story.


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