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Tea Time with Liv

Market Like you Game

I am guilty of indulging in fun games that appear on social networks. One thing I see every day is comments of how nobody is making money or out of ideas but nobody has a problem asking for a tree for their farm. If you can share and exchange for entertainment, why not employ those same tactics in business?

Now let break this down a bit. You send everyone a request to be neighbor or for a special tool needed for a game. Does everyone respond? Those that do you continue to do "game" business with right? You may even pass on their name to others to help them gain levels and friends correct? Guess what!? You are networking! It wasn't as hard as you thought previously now was it?

Everyone you invite to play doesn't respond just as in business. Everyone you introduce to your business does not become a customer. You invest in those you have introduced and show interest.

How do you use these in business? Start with what most in business have; business cards. You pass out business cards to those interested. Don't force a card on those not interested. Its a waste of your time and theirs. Just politely thank them for their time and either move on to another subject or excuse yourself.

Next are catalogs. There is no need to leave the latest makeup catalog in areas where only men frequent. You are wasting your money. This does not mean never do this but only when its appropriate. This goes for flyers as well.

Parties. Most people love to attend gatherings. They do not however enjoy a 2 hour sales pitch. Keep presentations short, offer product they can see and demo, interact with customers one on one. Do not attempt to recruit every single person at your party. Its unrealistic and can create awkward moments. I suggest having guests complete a simple questionnaire either on an order form (this is best) or a door prize drawing slip (great to file for late contacts). Those interested in joining, schedule an appointment one on one so they have your undivided attention. Do the same at events. Its ok to give initial information but get that appointment so you can answer all their questions.

If everyone marketed their business with the same passion and drive as they do games, more would create the success they desire.

Olivia Vidal
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