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Tea Time with Liv

Free Ad Space?

When starting a new business or just trying to keep it going, budgets are tight and you often wonder to the dark side of "free." Now before we get upset, hear me out on this one.

The problem free ads have is many people are doing the exact same thing. If everyone is just there to advertise, what are you accomplishing? Not all free ads produce these results but most do.

If you are going to take the opportunity to place a free ad, be sure you are getting results. Do no join free ad groups. These are usually a waste of time. Ones that are not are hard to find and still take more work than you will get in return.

Free ad space you want is:
  • When someone wants to post a WAHM Feature (such special promotions at Liv's WAHM Blog) or product review. 
  • When newspapers offer free space to fill voids in their print. 
  • When writing articles you include a byline at the end that includes a sentence or 2 about your business including website. 
  • Social network business page where you interact with customers (check the social network TOS in regards to this prior to posting ads). 
  • Email signatures where you can include your website or mini bio. Keep these short and sweet. 
  • Forum groups where you can create and manage a group dedicated to teaching customers about your products and offer tips. 
  • Managing a blog dedicated to your product/service.
  • Word of mouth. There is nothing better than a customer recommending you to a friend or family member.
These are just a few free ad spaces that are helpful in business building.

When looking for ad space, be smart about it. Don't place an ad just because its free.

Olivia Vidal
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