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Tea Time with Liv

Finding the Right Sponsor

Finding the right sponsor is just as important as finding the right company. Finding the wrong sponsor can set the tone of a failed business regardless of how great the company is.

How can you learn from a sponsor who is unknowledgeable or only cares about the added commission?

Now you may be a go-getter and willing to take the bull by the horns but without direction and support you can lose motivation, become misguided or misinformed, learn bad habits, or even have an unfair opinion of a company based on your sponsor.

There are 2 ways you will have come to have a sponsor with your new business - you will either choose one or be assigned one.

When you choose one its is because you have had a conversation with and willing to join the team of the consultant who's team you will be part of. When you are assigned a sponsor this is because you have decided to join a company but not had a conversation with a consultant and willing to join their team.

When joining a company I highly recommend going in with a sponsor rather than joining blindly. When you choose your sponsor you have already established a relationship and rapport.

Regardless of whether you choose or are assigned a sponsor, this person will benefit financially from your successful sales. They receive compensation as your support. This is a job not a free ride. This is why you must choose the right sponsor for you.

When thinking about joining don't automatically go with your best friend. Your friend may have just joined for the discount and not interested in building a business while you are interested in a full-time business.Business and friendship are not one in the same. These are separate and you must have a business mind here. This is not saying don't join a friend. This just means choose wisely and choose the path that will secure the most successful path in your new venture.

Here are a few tips to choosing the right sponsor:

You will want to choose a person who is compatible with you. Someone you get along with and feel good about. Sometimes you just know.

You will want to interview more than 1 potential sponsor to find one that you believe is right for you.

Choose someone with similar goals. If your goal is to replace a full-time income and/or build a large team, a sponsor who joined the company to get a discount on the products is probably not the best mentor for you. You want a sponsor with similar goals who can share what has or hasn't worked for her.

You will want to choose a sponsor to mentor you based on the level of experience you desire. If you do not want someone brand new, do not select a sponsor that is new. If you are brand new to direct sales you will want a mentor who has been with the company for more than 1 year who has the ability to help you in ways you will need help.

During your interview of potential sponsors you will want to ask if they offer continued support and training. Some choose to get you started then let you run with it will others continually mentor regardless of your success.

How you plan to market your business can also be a determining factor when choosing the right sponsor. If you plan to market and build a team offline you will want to choose a sponsor who is local rather than our of state. Having a sponsor who is local can be beneficial with parties, one on one training. If you choose to build your business strictly online you can benefit from a sponsor that is long distance. These sponsors have learned the tricks of the trade when it comes to online marketing.

Some sponsors will offer their own incentive when joining their team. While this may be enticing you have to stick to the goal at hand, finding the right sponsor for your success.

If the sponsor you choose decides to leave the company, what will happen to you? Will you move to your upline's sponsor? If so you may want to talk with their sponsor as well to ensure the you have the right fit.

Will you be interacting with a team in a regular basis? Learn about the team and the dynamics of the team. Something as simple as the team is filled with young mothers while you are the lone grandmother can give you a sense of not belonging. It has nothing to do with whether or not they make you feel this way.

Don't let a sponsor sell you into a business you are not comfortable with. If you feel pressured you will not start on the right foot. Join when you are ready and when it feels right. Go with your instincts.

Starting out on the right foot is one step closer to success.

Olivia Vidal
© 2009


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Liv, I am loving your site, perfect tips for a new blogger and much more. Thanks for sharing. Coryanne

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