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Tea Time with Liv

Attend A Free Webinar

I am always looking for great resources for WAHMs. I came across Office Depots webcafe where they offer free webinars. Everything from social networking to organizing your business.

The next webinar they offer is on Tuesday, February 2nd at 4pm ET
10 Marketing Ideas for Under $100 (60min)

  • Make relationships count
  • Be creative on a dime
  • What is an effective communication plan for your clients that keeps you visible, consistent and pleasantly persistent in the marketplace

  • http://www.officedepot.com/webcafe

    Whether you are a new business owner or in the business for years you can always learn something new and refine your skills.

    * Liv's WAHM Blog is not associated with Office Depot and is not compensated.

    Olivia Vidal
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