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Tea Time with Liv

Up That Sale

Making a sale is great! But lets imagine that sale even larger. That is where you can up sell and bring in more.

Up selling is not as complicated as you may think. Up selling is simply benefiting the customer with add ons they need. This makes the customer happy. This makes you happy. This makes for larger sales.

Unsure how up selling works? If you have ever been to a fast food restaurant and asked if you would like fries with that, you have just witnessed an up sell. It was a complimentary sale to the product initially chosen. Simple right?

The key to up selling is getting to know your customers. When a customer makes a purchase from you, talk to your customer. What results are they wanting from your product? What products do you sell will be a great compliment to their initial purchase?

Lets say you sell purses. New purse means matching wallet. This is where the up sell comes in. You offer a matching or complimentary wallet. If you sell candles an up sell would be a candle holder. If you sell makeup an up sell would be make up remover, moisturizer, or a cosmetic bag.

Even if you sell strictly online does not mean you can't offer an up sell product. When talking with your customer you asks the same questions as if they were in front of you and offer products they need.

Every company has products to up sell. Even offering a sale item as an up sell is still fair game.

Don't start panicking wondering how you will think on the spot. Make a suggestion list. Yes this will take time but will be well worth it. You will be shocked how many of your products can be up sold with complimentary items.

Keep it simple. Start with your main product line, popular products, or go for the gold and select your big ticket items. For each item go through your list of available products and services that would be a compliment to the item. I suggest a minimum of 3 suggestions for up sell. If you have more by all means list them but the goal is the minimum of 3. You now have an up sell list.

Your list should be complimentary products or services and not out in left field. Sometimes this may occur when you listen to your customer but lets keep it simple. Complimentary items only at first.

Play with how you can offer these. Most times just a plain offer is best. An example: Mrs. Robinson, since you chose that lovely necklace take a look at this matching bracelet.

During an up sell is a great time to offer specials whether they are personal or company. You can even create a package from your list. Example: Order the eyeshadow and mascara and you can add an eyeliner for a great discounted price. Or simple offer at a flat package price. Its your technique so go with what you are comfortable with.

You can up sell with a special sale. If your customer is purchasing a product on sale offer another in a different color, size, scent. This is best when paired with your smaller ticket items I find. Your results may be different. Try it and see what works best for you.

Don't feel as though you are pushing your customer to spend more when they are not intending to. This is customer service and assisting the customer in taking care of all their needs.

While I do not recommend you have this list in plain sight of the customer, you can however tuck this in a place that allows for quick reference - behind your party calendar, your notebook, even a cheat sheet behind your display. Now this one sounds odd but you can even tuck the list in your pocket and excuse yourself to the restroom for a quick peek when you are stuck.

Practice your sales technique on friends and family. The more comfortable you are the better you will be.

Up selling is a win win situation. Try it on your next sale and see how easy it is to take care of your customer's needs.

Olivia Vidal
© 2009


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