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Tea Time with Liv

Quotas, quotas, quotas

As a WAHM it is likely you have joined as a consultant with a company that requires a quota. Some understand and fully comply while others challenge this. For this discussion we will focus on the consultant. We will talk later about the difference between a consultant, affiliate, etc.

Lets get an understanding of quotas. Quotas are set for many reasons. One the company must make money to cover expenses. If you are not selling, they are not making money, that can lead to a company's demise and you with a failed business. Another reason is if you don't have a goal, what motivates you to build a business? It is easy for you to walk away and do nothing. What is the point of joining a business to do nothing with it? As a consultant you must build a business.

Before joining any company get the details. Know what the quotas are, when are they due, and decide can you live with this. If you cannot, don't join. Don't join in case you can meet the quota. It is a waste of your time and the company's time to train you.

Once you have decided to join and meet the required quota, create a plan of action. Do not wait until the last minute and enter a desperate panic. Your plan of action should include parties, fairs and expos ad campaigns, phone calls. Know how you will sell, where, and when. Put your plan of action into effect immediately. Panic time does not produce the sales you would have made had you started right away and stayed consistent.

If you are in panic time, stop and breathe. Panic will not get your sales so take a moment to regroup. Brainstorm on how you can get those sales in. Book an online party, have a last minute catalog party, offer a spree. If you are too late you may have to accept you will need to make up the difference or the entire quota.

A WAHM business, even part-time, does not mean work when you feel like it. You still have to work. Put in the hours on a weekly basis. Create a schedule and stick to it. If you worked outside the home you would need to work to get paid, correct? A WAHM business is no different. If you do the real work, you will get the sales. Telling people about your website and waiting for the sales to come in is simply not enough. That takes maybe an hour a week. Sorry to break it to you, that is not work.

Most quotas are quarterly while others may be monthly. Break that quota down into 3 parts for quarterly or 4 parts for monthly. Smaller goals are easier to manage and feel more attainable.

Create a list of items or group of items that will help you meet your quota. This can be the full quota or the broken down manageable goals. Create your marketing plan around promoting these items during your quota period. Change it often and keep things fresh.

Before a quota period begins, create a list of needed items. If you need to fulfill your quota personally you have a list of items needed for business to help you along. This will keep you from scrambling later. You have to invest in your business so this is one of the times to take advantage of adding to your investment.

Don't look at a quota as a disappointing event. This is what makes your business. The goal of a business is to make money and meeting a quota is money in your pocket. Imagine what you can do with the money you earned just from making the minimum quota.

A trick that I often recommend and have used in the past is take the quota and triple it. I see that as my quota fulfillment. If I only make half I still meet my quota. If I make the entire goal, that is three times what I would have made had I stuck to the required quota.

If you are with a company that requires a purchase of any size to stay active, turn that into a number. How much are you wanting to make? $10? $25? $100? How much will you need to sell to make that? Use that as your quota number.

Quotas are a business goal; not a death sentence. These are necessary to ensure business continues and thrives for all involved including customers. This is a positive action so keep this in the back of your mind.

Olivia Vidal
© 2009


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