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"The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible"

~ Anonymous

Tea Time with Liv

Promote, promote, promote

In growing a business into a success you must promote. There can be no growth without proper promotion. I am not talking about high dollar expense. This is simply spreading the word. Being a WAHM you have to work harder in this area since you do not have the exposure of a storefront.

I can't say it enough showing a link is not enough. If this is all you are willing to do you need to be prepared for the harsh reality your business will fail. You have to do more.

Promotion is beyond advertising. Promotion is getting your name out there and should be included in your marketing plan. Promotion can happen at anytime, anywhere.

Simple ways to promote:
  • Wear a t-shirt with the company name. This can be a shirt made available for purchase through the company or a shirt you have purchased and made for you. Avoid DIY projects unless you provide quality. A nice t-shirt or polo with the name embroidered works nicely and inexpensive.
  • Carry a photo purse. I am referring to the type with clear vinyl pockets where you can place pictures. I suggest postcards and more than 1 copy per pocket. This is an easy access pocket to reach for when you come in contact with a potential customer.
  • Form a team to raise funds for a cause. Use your company name as the team name. This is a great way to promote while also supporting a great cause.
  • Give away pens with your business name, website, or contact information. Preferably a pen with black ink. Give to receptionist, waitress, cashiers,teachers, parents, neighbors, family, friends, and anyone else you come in contact with who can and will use a pen.
  • Leave a business card with the tip after a meal.
  • Exchange fillers with groups such as the Mom Pack (TM). These are placed in one package and given out to potential customers. Click here to learn more about filler packs.
  • Join local mom groups. These are a great way to exchange information.
  • Attend small business conferences in your area. These are usually put on by your local SBA or city. You can network with others and gain valuable information in contacts you make.
  • Participate in local parades. Use your own or borrow a truck, decorate, and have volunteers walk along side and pass out candy with flyers. Not only these are fun but these are simple and a great way to bring notice to you and your business.
  • Form a welcome committee in your neighborhood for new families. Offer a pack of information about the city, fun activities, coupons, and home party info.
  • Volunteer. You and your team members can volunteer in the community in such ways as picking up trash (check with your city first), hold a can drive for the local food shelter, pet adoption organizations, woman's shelter, children's hospital, Ronald McDonald House. Getting out there and helping the community can bring notice to your business.
  • Sponsor a classroom newsletter. Many teachers pay for this out of pocket and could use the help funding these.
  • Athletic sponsorship. This may sound expensive but it can be very affordable. Sponsor school teams, private teams, motocross, car racing, BMX racing, rodeos. You can sponsor a single event, advertise in the program, or billboard advertising. Also check to see if they have websites that offer advertising. Even if your area is mainly men's sports you have to remember women are in those stands cheering the men on and most likely to see your ads.
Get away from the normal and think outside the box. Don't do what everyone else is. People become desensitized and ignore the norm. They notice the unusual and unique.

Olivia Vidal
© 2009


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