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"The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible"

~ Anonymous

Tea Time with Liv

No such thing as "can't"

Someone may think I am crazy but I have decided there is no such thing as can't in business. While others may disagree here is why I have come up with this theory. You say you can't start a business because you don't have the money. The solution is to find the money. This is not a can't its a road block you can overcome. Can't is an attitude not an action.

You have a choice in everything you do. Everything can be worked around if you really want to. Its called drive. There is not can't in your drive for success.

Can't is also used as an excuse. While discussing plans to start building a business, one of my friends told me she "can't" do parties. I asked her why. She went on to explain because she has nobody to watch her kids. I asked her what was stopping her from starting with online parties. She could start this way to get a name for herself and gain sales. This would give her start up money to afford a babysitter while having a party or even doing a mommy and me party taking along a friend to watch her kids. Then it became another reason. It is not can't. That is an excuse for won't.

When you say can't, think about why you use this word. Is it unable or is it an "I won't"? Unable means there is a way around it. The man in a wheelchair playing basketball did not say he "can't" play. He found a way to play.

The only thing stopping you and your business success is your attitude. The rest can be done if you really want it to happen. Turn that "can't" into "can" and you will see a big change in your attitude.

Here is my challenge to you. Write down all your "cant's" and why they are. Then write down all possible ways to turn that "can't" into a can. These ways to turn that around may be more than 1 step. Write them all down.

Example: You "can't" pay your phone bill. Solution: You need money to change from "can't pay" to "can pay". How do you get more money? More hours at work, second job, yard sale, etc.

A "can't" to a "can" is not always a one step answer but it can be done.

My other challenge is for 1 week you cannot use the word "can't". Every time you do it will cost you $0.25, $1. If you don't have the money to take this challenge, then it isn't a challenge is it? This challenge cost nothing as long as you do not use the word "can't".

Success isn't easy otherwise everyone would be successful. Success isn't handed to you. If that were the case nobody would be successful. Its not about good or bad luck. Success doesn't come only during good times. It can also happen during the most dire of times. Its all about your attitude and your choice to deem "can't" as the new four letter word.

Olivia Vidal
© 2009
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