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Tea Time with Liv

Advertising Highjacking

First thing many ask is what is advertising hijacking? This is what I call it when someone posts a thread on a message board or different social groups (such as Yahoo groups or Google groups), and another comes in from the same company and offers the same thing or a different special trying to get sales or recruits off someones post. This happens often in chat rooms as well.

Example of this is: I am offering you 20% off your entire order of wonder widge books and if you sign up now. Another person, maybe even my own upline, will ask could share such and such if the host doesn't mind. The idea is out there, the answer is yes so they do not have conflict or appear rude, and the offer is announced. This is the case where the other is making the sale or recruit not the host no matter how it was intended. This is advertising hijacking.

One, this should never have been asked in front of everyone. Two you should never hijack a party hosted by another, thread posted by another, or directly follow with the same add right behind someone who has posted already. Who will actually say no in front of everyone? The answer is always yes forcing that person to allow you to advertise and reap the benefits they are working so hard for. You may say the other can say no but would they really want to say in front of everyone no don't advertise during my party? Even if they want to say now they feel forced to agree so no is not an option. It suddenly changes the mood of the party and the guests will make a decision on how they feel about the person or persons in questions and also the company.

If you were having a home party for your business would you allow someone else to offer your guests a different special if you order or join under them instead of you? Of course not. They are in your home and you would consider this act rude in your home. Nobody would ever dream of doing this. So why is this happening in so many circles on the internet?

Many feel they are helping rather than hindering in these cases. Your intention may be there but how it is seen can be another story. The one hosting is the one to make all sales announcements, offerings, specials. If you want to assist, have a discussion in private. Never in public. Reason is you may be causing others to feel the host is unknowledgeable, unable to assist them, a company they do not want to do business with because they allow their representatives/consultants/affiliates to conduct themselves in a way that is not favorable.

Thankfully this has yet to happen to me but I am seeing this everyday. This is not an uncommon practice. This is becoming the norm. There is nothing wrong with healthy competition. Just remember one word in that phrase - healthy.

Before you post an ad following another in a group or message board thread, during a party that is not yours (including shameless plugs for another product), think about a couple things:
Will this give me more sign ups?
Will I profit from this directly?
Would I do this standing alongside another for the same company/product in front of an actual customer?

This is all about stepping on toes. If you wouldn't appreciate another do the same unto you, don't do it. It makes for bad networking relationships. You need these in the business world especially online. If you take part in anything similar you are losing not only an ally but you can be damaging the confidence resulting in lower team sales and that affects your bottom line.

There is always someone watching. While others say there is nothing wrong with it outwardly, they may be saying to themselves how rude and decide at that point to either not buy from that company no matter the actions or just not buy from you. Don't allow them the opportunity to think ill of you or your company. Even if just one has this enter their mind it can spread like wild fire. Negative reviews and experiences are announced loudly and news spreads quickly. Positive reviews and experiences are quiet, less profound, spread slowly if at all.

Give them reason to announce to all how wonderful and excited they are to use your product proudly. As the say goes you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.


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