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Tea Time with Liv

Less is more

The more companies you join the more money you make right? If you offer a little bit of everything giving your customers a one stop shop, why would they go anywhere else? The more I can offer the better, right? Um, no.

The idea sounds great and may even work for a short time but soon you will find it is overwhelming to keep up with. It is almost impossible to keep up with product knowledge when you are part of so many companies.

Some start a free website and place all their banners there because of course customers want to go to a website and see several products only to be redirected to make multiple purchases. Customers shop online for convenience.

Sending them away from your site is the best way to lose a sale. They have to remember to go back and click on your link to give you the commission sale. If they only remember the company name they are most likely to type in the web address and not your website.

If you are going to join more than 1 company, do your research. Have you tried the product? Have you ordered from the company before? Do you believe you have sell the product? Are you willing to put in the time and effort into building the business or just plan to show a link from time to time?

If you do the research ahead of time you will find you will eliminate companies up front for various reasons. Never join on a whim. Join because you will be committed.

If you are going join more than 1 company write down how you can partner and work the businesses together. Find their common ground. If you join a company that sells food storage and want to join another then a company that sells food mixes is a natural partner.

Before you join multiple companies check each company's policies. There may be clause that will prevent you from joining with other companies including selling side by side. If you can't sell side by side what is your plan to promote and build each individual company effectively?

I recommend 20 hours per week per company. If you are properly building each business, can you honestly devote 20 hours per week per company? If you have 3 companies, that is 60 hours per week, 8 1/2 hours per day, 7 days a week. Can you keep up? No not spend a total of 20 hours for all companies. Cutting corners will only make for lazy work. Lazy work will in turn give a failed business.

Before you say you don't need that many hours, are you making enough money to cover your rent or mortgage each month? If not, why?

So think about it ahead of time. Are you with too many companies? Cut back. What companies do you spend most of your time working. If you do not spend much time with a company other than share a link once in a while, cut that company. If you have not ordered or use the product, cut that company. If you only joined for a friend and really not passionate about it, cut that company.

The more quality time you devote to your business, the more it will grow into a business you are proud to say you have part of.

Olivia Vidal
© 2009


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