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Tea Time with Liv

Mobile Office

If you meet a potential customer or recruit away from home, are you prepared to service their needs? When you are out and about you want to be prepared for anything. Just because you are off running an errand doesn't mean you are off "the clock." You want to create a mobile office.

Your mobile office can be a simple file box with separate file sections for catalogs, hostess packets, recruiting packets, business cards, brochures (sales and recruiting), order forms, calculator for on the spot orders, and pens. I use a really nice accordion file at the moment. Everything is organized and neat. You can even use those nice colored milk crates with hanging file folders.

You may even want to consider a mini demonstration kit so you have a few of your most popular products available to show. Samples are other items you may want in your mobile office.

Keep your mobile office in your car (or any car you are driving at the time) so you are always prepared when you come across a potential customer or potential recruit.

A couple things to remember:
  • Check and restock your mobile office weekly or as needed. This way you always know you are never out of anything and avoid that moment of saying "I am all out"
  • Keep that car clean. You do not want to have your potential customer or potential recruit looking over your messy car. Even when you are making house calls, this is an extension of your home office. Keep it clean and professional.
  • You may want to also consider a car freshener. Most don't think about this because we are used to how our car smells but it may have an odor. Having an air freshener helps with this. Don't go overboard. Just something simple and light such as vanilla and lavender work well. 
  • Do not smoke in your car. Regardless if your mobile office is in the trunk or backseat, smoke does linger and will get into your mobile office. Many people are allergic to the smoke while others are simply turned off. You do not want your personal habit to get in the way of your business. 
  • If you sometimes travel with your pets, it may be best to keep your mobile office in the trunk. This area is less likely to come in contact with pet hair and dander that some people are allergic to.

Olivia Vidal
© 2009-2011


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Mobile offices are a great luxury to have, but not only for individuals, but also for entire firms. Firms have begun using mobile office trailers to set up local sales offices to better target a particular area. Mobile offices are also extremely useful at construction sites as it allows project managers to meet and discuss plans in a climate controlled, quiet area.

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