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Tea Time with Liv

Know the facts

Recently I have seen a lot of talk about conducting business on facebook including discussion about promotion guideline changes. It is great to see so many coming together to brainstorm for viable options and clarify the facts. What is not great is the misinformation and blatant misdirection.

Everyone is always trying to come up with the best ways to promote and conduct business within social networks (not just Facebook). This can be tricky as there are rules and guidelines that must be followed as written. Not as they are interpreted. DO NOT rely on what others tell you and be sure you are reading the TOS of any site you are using to be clear of what is allowed using their site. Reading the TOS can be long and sometimes confusing but read it for yourself. Just because someone else tells you it is ok does not make it ok. Ultimately you are responsible regardless if everyone else is doing it. Ignoring facts do not make them go away.

I have seen a few deliberately ignore the information offered and choosing to continue knowing they are in violation. There are a few who have told their fans to just change their giveaways to product testers and it will exclude them from the rules. A promotion is a promotion no matter what name you give it. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, you can call it a cow but it doesn't make it less of a duck.

You can follow the rules or not follow the rules regardless of the situation or place. Even if someone else is not caught it does not mean you won't be caught. Are you willing to lose everything you have gained over a mistake you chose not to investigate the facts about prior?

Olivia Vidal
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