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Tea Time with Liv

Knock Offs, Replicas, Mirror Image

Knock offs, replicas, mirror image are common terms used for illegal copies of products such as designer purses, designer glasses, or other copyright/trademarked goods. But are these ok?

It is illegal no matter how you try to reword or excuse it. If it has the designer name and is an exact replica of the real deal, it is illegal. You cannot sell these. It does not matter whether you state these are fake. If it looks like the real deal, it is illegal and you can be prosecuted to the extent of that law.

Knock-off handbags are also known as counterfeit purses and they are made to look like an original designer version and are meant to fool others into thinking they are the "real thing." Knock-offs are big business. There is lots of money to be made in selling knock-off versions of the best designer handbags, but at what cost?

You can sell inspired styles meaning they are not replicas or attempted to be sold as the real deal. Handbags and sunglasses that say they are "designer inspired" don't have a fake designer label on them. They are purses that look similar to the latest styles and in fact are inspired by the latest designer purses but have their own unique characteristics.

Even if not sold as the real deal you still need to be careful. You may have seen a story at one point in time where target was sued for a purse design they sold was too close to the original design and it infringed on their trademark and/or copyright.

I bring this up because I am seeing more and more online stores opening with these illegal knocks offs and many do not realize it is illegal. They see others doing it and figure hey it must be ok. Its not. You can research this online, call your local small business administration, business lawyer, the US patent office.

Trademarks and Copyrights are put in place to protect the original design. Would you want someone to steal your idea and sell a copy of it as their own?

DO NOT get in the middle of knock off purses and the legalities of this. You can be buried in legal fees, fines, your reputation, lose your freedom.

No matter what business you begin always do your research. There is no excuse for not knowing something. It is your responsibility to know your business and how it works. A little homework can go a long way in your success.

Olivia Vidal
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