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Tea Time with Liv

Pass or Play

This is a great way to get those parties. You have them thinking throughout the presentation so bring them to their decision now.

"Ladies, check out these beautiful coin purses/goodie bags/mini totes I have. What I need you to do is pass this box/bag around and quickly choose a coin purse. Hold onto it but DO NOT open it yet."

"Ladies, the last thing we are going to do is play a real quick game called Pass or Play. I am simply going to ask each of you if you want to play or pass. If you would like to pass, simply put your coin purse/goodie bag/mini tote back in my box/bag and you are all done. If you would like to play, then you get to open the coin purse/goodie bag/mini tote and see what is inside for you. I'll make this real simple for you…I'll tell you what is inside…It says you have won a Featured Product! I'll even tell you what you will win. If you decide to play, you may win our top selling {Featured Product #1} (hold piece up), our adorable {Featured Product #2} or the customer favorite {Featured Product #3}! Now it really doesn't matter which one you win because when I come to your house to do your own personal show…you are going to get all this free and ½ price product (that you outlined in the hostess plan)."

Pause…"Now did everyone get that? If you decide to play then I get to come to your house and show your friends and family the products I've shown here tonight."

"When I met {Hostess} at {Previous Hostess} show, she decided to play and that's why we are here today/tonight. When she opened her coin purse/goodie bag/mini tote, she won the beautiful {Featured Product #1}". This can be yours next time.

Next, go around the room asking each guest if they would like to play. Ask and respond with a smile, "Thank You {their name}" whether they play or not. Always use their names. Start with someone that you already know is going to have a show or is really excited about the product. Never respond when they come up with an objection like I don't know many people, or my house is too small. Let the other guests talk her into it, not you! You simply keep smiling and wait for her decision. This shows that you are not going to pressure them.

Olivia Vidal
© 2009


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