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Tea Time with Liv

Door Prize Drawing

Before a party ends, you want to have everyone's information before they leave. A great way to do so is with Door Prize Slips. After you have collected everyones slip, put them in a box or even a tote bag. Pass this around and make it fun. Start passing this around when guests begin to arrive. As someone says the selected word for the day (purse, handbag, etc), someone passes them the box.

End your show with "Now who has my prize box?" (you started passing this around as guests arrive) This is a box that I have asked the ladies to pass around whenever they hear the word Purse or Handbag. Or you can say, "Okay, now time for a drawing! Has everyone filled out their guest survey sheets?" This gets you past that rare but awkward moment when nobody plays the pass or play game. Draw a name and give a prize!

Olivia Vidal
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