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Tea Time with Liv

What is PageRank?

We all hear about PageRank and wonder what that really is. We hear is it based on visitors and traffic. We hear it is based on repeat keyword use. There are many reasons that others contribute to what your PageRank is. Most of them are wrong while others are correct but not in the list or priority.

A little technical information first...

Google assigns a numeric value from 0-10 for each web page on the Internet. PageRank shows denotes a site’s importance in the eyes of Google. PageRank results from a voting type process from other pages on the world wide web. This voting process determines how important a page is. This is your PageRank. The higher the value, the higher importance your page is. A hyperlink or back link to a page counts as a vote in this process. If there are no links to a web page there is no vote for that page. Another way to understand this is you place you exchange links with another this is your voting process. The more clicks your link receives from said exchange, the more votes you get and raise your PageRank over time. Keywords also assist in this. The higher the page rank of the page your link is listed on, this can also raise your PageRank. To scale it down PageRank of your page is mostly based on the quantity of inbound links listed on other pages to your page as well as the PageRank of the pages your link appears on.

So how do you make this work for you? When you exchange links, you are placing your link on a page that someone will promote. More people will place links on this same page. This allows you to reap the benefits. Others will visit and click on these links. With all this cross linking, traffic comes in, clicking begins. Traffic increase, so called voting increases, PageRank increases for everyone. The better everyone's PageRank the faster your site rank increases.

How do you find your current page rank? Click here and enter your sites URL

Is it that simple? Yes. Is this all I need to know? No. Go do some reading on PageRank. It is easy to accomplish with a little elbow work, networking which every wahm should be engaged in, and patience.

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