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Tea Time with Liv

Product Review - Just Tarts

In October I attended an auction in hopes of a young girl to attend today's inauguration. During that auction I was able to bid on and win a set of assorted tarts from Just Tarts donated by Dena Jones. After resolving a mishap that occurred with receiving my original winnings it only took approximately 5 days to receive my order once handled this January.

*stock photo from the Just Tarts site to show example

I received 24 individual soy tarts in 4 scents - Sweet Pea, Creme Brulee, Muscadine Grape, Grandmas Kitchen. These soy tarts are package in individual containers with a lid. A very clever convenience is each individual tart is labeled with its scent name so there is no mix up.

I was very pleased at the quality of product and the ease of use. These are simple soy tarts without coloring but fantastic fragrance. All you need to do is remove the lid and turn the container over. The tart slips out easily. What I really like about this is your scent is preserved in a closed container rather than in the open and lose some of the intensity over time. Another great thing I found is if I decide the tart I have in the warmer is no longer the scent I wish I can pour the warm wax back into the container for later use. I get to save it for later.

They came carefully wrapped and placed in an envelope. No tarts or containers were damaged in the process.

Once I received my order Dena contacted me to see that I did in fact receive my order and to see how I liked them. Being my first order I was appreciative of this attention.

I do plan to make future purchases from Just Tarts. And at only $0.60 a tart you can mix and match any way you choose at this great price.

You can place an order through Dena at

*I am in no way associated with Just Tarts other than as a customer. I am not compensated for my product review by Dena or Just Tarts.

Olivia Vidal
So Chic Bag Boutique


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