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Tea Time with Liv

It's Party Time!

Are you wanting to hold an online party but have no clue where to start? Here are some helpful tips to get you started.

Write out ahead of time what you would like to say during your presentation and save this on notepad or similar on your computer. This allows you to copy and paste so you are not wasting your time slot typing everything out. This is a great especially if you don't type very fast. It keeps it simple for you and you know where you left off if you are distracted at anytime during your party with questions. Doing this helps keep you on track and uses your time wisely which is very important in a successful party. This also helps get through the nervousness that may be present. Time yourself copy and pasting your presentation from one program to another so you know exactly how much time you are using. This is not a race so make sure you are pasting with enough time for guests to read. Do not go too slow either. You want to keep the party moving but not so fast your guests can't keep up and miss important information or too slow they get bored and lose interest. Add in time to allow for questions, orders, etc.

  • Here is a simple run down of a basic party:
  • Introduce yourself, your company, and give your website url
  • Give some brief information about the company (what the company sells, why it was started, how long the company has been in business, etc)
  • Talk about why you love the company and products. This is a great time for a personal testimonial
  • Highlight your favorite product(s). Include a link to the product(s) as you speak about them. Don't just give the name and link, also give why it is your favorite.
  • Talk about any specials and sales being offered at the time of your party (personal or company and be specific which it is)
  • Make sure to post your link periodically for those who missed it or just joining the room
  • Talk about how to order (where on the site, special instructions if applies)
  • Offer to answer any questions periodically (some guests do not want to interupt so this gives them a chance to ask before they forget their question)
  • Offer consultant/affiliate opportunities (cost, including kits, quotas, commission, etc)
  • Play a game. Word scrambles and scavenger hunts are popular and very easy to conduct. Have fun with it!
  • Offer a prize to the winner. This can be very small and does not have to break the bank. With candles you can offer a couple tealights or votives. This can a gift certificate even. If you would enjoy receiving it as a prize, it is enjoyable for your guests to win.
  • Games are usually optional depending on the party room host site. Make sure to find out beforehand.
  • Always end thanking everyone for coming.
  • Offer to assist in placing orders
  • Give your name, your wesbite once, and how to contact you

Here is a few game suggestions and how to conduct them. Modify these to suit your company and your needs:

Word Scramble - Pick 5 - 10 words from your site or your business and scramble them up before the party. Let everyone know that the words are coming from your site or your business whichever you choose. The first one to guess the word and spell it correctly wins a point. Most points wins the game.

ABC Game - Pick a letter of the alphabet, the first person to give you a product that you sell, that starts with that letter gets a point. Do 5-7 letters. At the end the person with the most points is the winner. This game is good for getting people looking at your site trying to find products that start with each letter.

Scavenger Hunt - Pick out 5-7 words or products, and create questions for guests. Example of questions, what type of wax is used in candles? What is the scent of the month? What is the first product available under XXXX section? The first person to answer the question correctly wins a point. Person with most points wins. Make some easy to find and have at least 1 tough one making your guests really look for the answer. This is a good game for getting people exploring your site.

Have additonal questions available in case of a tie. Games can also be non-business related such as the candy bar game.

Here is questions/hints to names of candy bars and their answers.

A famous trio? (3 Musketeers)
A Galaxy? (Milky Way)
Can't hold on to anything? (Butterfinger)
Twin letters? (M&M's)
To chuckle to oneself? (Snickers)
Before 1? (Zero)
A famous baseball player? (Babe Ruth)
A workers favorite day of the week? (Payday)
An Indian burial ground? (Mounds)
A joy to be around? (Almond Joy)
A rainbow of color? (Skittles)
They can save your life? (Lifesavers)
A planet (Mars)
What do you call this? (Whatchamacallit)
Superman's human name? (Clark)
A famous New York street? (5th Ave)
These Tamalies are great? (Lemon Head)
Don't be a sourhead? (Lemon Head)

I do not recommend having more than 1 game during your presentation if you have reserved a 30 minute time slot. You waste valuable time that you should be using to sell yoru product/service. You want to use as much time as possible presenting your company and products as well as answering questions. You can add in the game at any time during your presentation. Some like to wait until the end while others will break in the middle for a game. I have seen the rare game at the very beginning. You can even turn the game into your presentation. Use the scavenger hunt and with each correct answer, go into detail about the answer.

Everyone has a different method for conducting the party but they are relatively the same in format. Just have fun with your presentation. If you are having fun, your guests will have fun.

Time slots run anywhere from $1-$5 for 30 minutes. Many have rooms available to rent for larger periods of time for exclusive parties. These range from a set price for all day rental to hourly rates. When you reserve your time slot, you need to start advertising asap. This is your responsibility and the only way to ensure a successful party. The majority of party room owners will not do this for you without and additional fee. Invite family and friends, Post bulletins on profiles, message boards. Send posting to all groups you are part of such as Yahoo! and MSN. Write blogs. Submit the party room site to traffic exchanges leading up to your time slot. Submit your time slot to other sites who have a calendar for these events. Make sure reminders are sent the day before and also a few hours before your party begins. Add this information to your email and message board signatures. Just like any other promotion you do, you need to do this more than once and to more than a handful of people.

When looking for a party room, look for a room that is fun and interactive. Visit one as a guest before deciding if you are unsure. Find out if the party room owner or a designated moderater will be available during the party or fair. This is comforting to have as they ensure everyone is on task and using their time slot properly. These are not required and you are responsible for managing your time, but they are helpful in assisting you.

I do offer a party room on my site at http://www.freewebs.com/shopatlivs/partyroom.htm. I host a vendor fair every Sunday 6pm-9pm EST offering 6 - 30 minute time slots. Feel free to stop in during our weekly fair and enjoy yourself.

Don't stress over stumbling. It's ok. We all have been there. Just excuse yourself for a moment and start where you left off. A party is fun! Don't make it a chore. Have fun with it!

Olivia Vidal
© Copyright 2008


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