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Tea Time with Liv

FREE Advertising is everywhere

You just signed up for your new work at home business and want to get the word out. Of course the objective is to make lots of money. Everywhere you turn all you see is paid ads. You are on a budget so now what? How do you get ahead without going under before you start?

Your best FREE advertising is something we use everyday - Email. Send an email to everyone you know telling them you have a new business and wanted to share. It just needs to be quick and not lengthy paragraphs. Add your website to your email siganture line. You wouldn't believe how many click on these.

Exchange banners with others like yourself. There are several WAHMs who are wanting to get their name out there also. Exchanging banners doesn't mean you are giving away business. You are simply sharing traffic for FREE.

Ever see those top 100 sites? These are FREE to submit your site too so submit! New sites such as this http://shopatlivs.gotop100.com/ are a great way to get front page advertising. Don't brush off lists that are filled up. You can still get great advertising out of these. Just make sure to post the topp 100 site link for others to visit. Not only are you sending traffic to the top 100 list, you are giving your site exposure as well.

Submit your site to web search engines. This submission increases the chance your site will be 'crawled' sooner than not submitting. Search for FREE search engine submission.

Search for WAHM classifieds. There are tons out there that are FREE. Many who are looking for a WAHM business to join or shop from will be looking for these.

Think about where you discovered your opportunity. Advertise there as well. If you found it there, chances are others will also. You want to promote here especially if it is FREE.

Use those plug boards. Plug plug plug. If you don't post your info, nobody will know what you offer. Others are always looking for plug boards to plug their info and they scan the boards to see who is plugging away. If you have a site where you can add a plug board, add one. It will drive traffic to your site. Make sure to leave your plug on this blog (located on the side bar. scroll down when you are done).

Word of mouth is the best FREE advertising you can have without paying a single dime. Talk talk talk and talk some more. Opportunities are every where. Listen and find your way to plug your business. You will be suprised how many opportunities you find just by listening.

Ever see those fish bowls at your favorite eating place? Put your business card in there. They give away FREE lunches and such and many times post your info up if you win. Instant FREE advertising! even if you don't win, workers have just seen your information as well. Whenever someone needs your phone number (teacher, coach, troop leader) give your business card. This gives them the required info plus your business.

Advertise in unusual places. You never know where your next customer or recruit is hiding. There are several places nobody ever dreams to advertise because they don't think anyone will be interested. Don't rule out certain people either. Everyone is a potential customer. You never know what someone might need.

Olivia Vidal
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