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Tea Time with Liv

Can you help?

This is on behalf of my friend Elena and her efforts to help her daughter...

Hello..I am writing on behalf of my daughter who's friend just lost her mother in domestic violence at the age of 11, I believe has finally realized just how blessed she(we) are.

She wants(with my help) to send as many stuffed animals to the children in need (house fires, police emergencies, medical emergencies, partental deployment to war zones, domestic violence, natural disasters) as possible. It doesn't have to just be their, it can be within our own backyards also. But it moved her(and me) to see her friend, trying to coop with the sititution and dealing with her siblings. They live on hope and dreams. My daughter noticed they need a hug from someone or something.

Why don't we give them a stuffed animal? Something to call their own. Something to cuddle with, snuggle with, cry with?

Will you join us in securing donations to purchase animals from Noah's Ark and send them to these children? I realize this is a huge endeavor, but I stand by my daughter 100% and will see this thru, even if it means donating myself.

The donations can be of any size, or we can designate a certain amount to donate. My daughters goal is 1000 animals to send, I think we can do better than that. Please help spread the word and consider "joining" this awesome opportunity.

I have not worked out all logistics, should animals be stuffed or unstuffed, which kinds, should they all be the same, should we just use the camp fire animals etc.

Thanks Elena #3608 and Thalia, 11yr old

If you have any questions, comments, etc, please email Olivia at shopatlivs@yahoo.com and I will be more than happy to pass the information on to Elena for her to contact you.


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