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Tea Time with Liv

Professional or personal? Are you really attracting the right visitors

You have a website and excited about the orders that will come pouring in. So why aren't they?

One problem I see over and over again in websites is the "cute" and "fun". Cute and fun do not spell a good business site. So what is cute and fun?

First hint:

You need graphics for your new site so you look for fun and exciting free graphics. You find a great picture of a glitter rose the same exact color of your site, you love roses, and even has the perfect wording you are wanting. You add it to your site because everyone will "get it". What they "get" is not professional. They see amature, no attention to details, free meaning cheap. Great image to portray to your new clients, right?

Second hint:

You hate the block of text so you decide to center your text. Makes the page interesting. You pat yourself on the back. Problem is what you see as centered can be off center on someone elses computer. How this is possible? Screen sizes vary and how they translate vary. Not so interesting anymore is it?

Third hint:

You want everyone to know exactly what you are selling and what you are all about. You spell everything out on the home page because of course this is the first thing everyone sees. You might even spell out how you came to become a WAHM and how you need this to take care of your family. Another WAHM will understand and of course they will buy. If they are all buying, then why aren't you selling? Customers don't read. They skim. They want to know what they want to know in a very short amount of time. I believe I read somewhere it is 7-10 seconds before a customer will decide to stay or go. If they have to read too much, they will leave and most likely never return again.

Anything sound like your site?

There is nothing wrong with bright colors and feeling good but keep it clean and simple. Avoid flashing graphics. Avoid glittering graphics. Avoid graphics with names or site they belong to or even redirect you to find the site the graphic was found. Graphics need to feel as though they belong. As if made just for your site and your business.

Avoid too many graphics especially those hosted on other sites. If at all possible avoid using graphics on other sites. Not everyone is working off high speed internet or the best quality computer. Because of this too many graphics and too many hosted elsewhere do not allow for your page to load quickly. If it does not load quickly customers will only click off your site looking for another site that will load quickly.

Another thing about graphics is avoid inappropriate graphics. You do not need half naked drawings with your name to sell a product.

Even those with passion type companies don't need these. I see plenty of women who do not use these graphics and are very tactful in their presentation to avoid offending anyone. Do not refer to certain body parts or acts even if they are in the site description. If a customer is interested in more information they will go to the site and view the detail.

Avoid excess banners on your site. If you have a site that is intended to be a 1 stop shop, add a few products. Talk about the products you offer. Organize in a clean and professional manner. Too many banners makes your site look like an ad site and not the professional shop you are looking for. The idea is to keep customers on your site not send them elsewhere. If they are constantly sent bouncing around it becomes inconvenient and diswades customers from buying. Don't let them get away.

Watch your wording. Lenghty novel looking pages only make the customer rethink about shopping. Customers want an easy and convenient shopping experience. If they have to work at it, they don't want to shop with you. At all costs avoid the sad story about losing your home, your husband leaving you, and your 5 kids are starving so you need to sell. Customers will only feel as though they are being pushed or even scammed into buying. This will not build the long lasting relationship you need.

It is said customers decide whether they will shop from your site within the 1st 7-10 seconds. Because this is so little you don't have time for heavy graphics to load or lenthy wording to read.

Online shopping is all about convenience. Make it convenient and easy to shop from your site.

Olivia Vidal
© 2009-2010


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