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Tea Time with Liv

Did you hear that?

We all heard it but did we really listen? What are we listening for? What our customer needs. So did you hear it?

At some point in time we all have to talk with a customer and satisfy a customer's needs. The problem is not everyone is listening. What we hear is a customer wants to buy so lets sell that customer something. What we should hear is what needs the product will satisfy.

If you want to close the sale quickly you will hear your customer say they want to buy body lotion. You may even offer an upsale. During the conversation you missed the part where the lotion is for her sensitive, dry face and the lotion she wants is not the right lotion. If you were listening you would suggest the correct lotion and explain why the suggestion would work better.

Even when a customer does not give up such good information freely, you can still get the info. Simply asking why they love a product will give you clues. If they don't have much money, give them the most bang for their buck. This doesn't mean go cheap. If they love your books for their 3 grandchildren show them sets with books for a lower price when divided vs buying just one at a time and spending more in the long run.

The point is get to know your customer and why they love the products you offer. Doing so will better serve your customer and create a life long customer.

Olivia Vidal
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