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Tea Time with Liv

Invest in Yourself

To build a successful business you MUST invest. There is no getting around this. Go half at it or cut corners and I will show you a half business with lots of mistakes and a date of doom.

It's OK to invest in yourself and your business through education, tools to make your work easier, etc. Try and find even one successful business out there that has had zero dollars ever invested in it. There aren't many. You have to invest in business cards, classes, and sacrifice. There is no such thing as fast money and you do nothing to earn it.

Invest in yourself and others will invest in you as well. They will see the time and money invested because you took the time to invest in yourself lending to your success. You will be knowledgeable, prepared, organized.

You will have to learn new skills and habits. Just like when you became a mom for the first time. You learned new skills and habits you never thought you could. You realized that you have a lot to learn and change in order to be a good mother. This is the same in business. You learn new skills to be a better business person and successful.

You will have to educate yourself if you don't want to be one of those that struggles constantly with their finances. You can't expect to just sign up for the latest make money idea and expect the checks to start rolling in automatically. Attend webinars, study those handbooks your company offers, take a marketing and accounting class at the local college.

Take the time to create success. You will find it was well worth the effort.

Olivia Vidal
© 2009


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I just found your blog on FFF MBC and am following.


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