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Tea Time with Liv

Stay On Task

Staying ong task is a challenge aat some point in time as a WAHM. Some worse than others but you need to find ways to work through it. I know do several things I should not just because I can be easily distracted. You just have to be aware of it and get back ontrack asap. I might find a typo on my website then realize I need to call a supplier about a shipment coming in which will lead me to remember its my mothers birthday then I have to do grocery shopping and back around again.
Here is a few tips to staying on task:

Create a task list on Sunday evening of all of your projects and deadlines for the week. Do not just leave this on our computer calendar. Write this down somewhere that you look often such as a desk calendar. The constant reminder helps keep you on task.

List your goals for the week. This should always be part of your weekly schedule of tasks. Having your short term goals listed keeps you in forward motion to accomplishing these. Make sure these are on mark to reaching montly and quarterly goals.
Create a schedule of the above in blocks of time. Stick to this. If you get distracted you know where you need to return based on your block of time scheduled.

Turn off the instant notification on your e-mail. This allows you to only receive emails when you are ready to read and respond to them them properly. Constantly checking email as a notification pops up takes away valuable time.

Use an egg timer to keep you conscious of time. Your will be surprised how quick time passes when you are made aware of time. Reset the timer for each block of time that passes and stick to your time schedule. This can be difficult at first but you will find you manage time better.
If you would not do it on the clock for someone else, don't do it on your own time clock. It is easy to get off task and run errands but keep those to your break times.
As a WAHM it is easy to get distracted with typical home noise. Keep the t.v. off. If you must see the show, tape it, dvr, or something but no t.v. while working.
Do not overfill your plate with tasks for the week. Too many projects will take you off task. Yes you have a lot to accomplish but overdoing it will not get it done. What it will do is create an exhausted you whom won't even be able to handle the tasks you would normally be able to.
Staying on task is work but as you become aware it will become habit for the most part. Business is every changing so it will never stop taking effort. It will just get easier as you find what works for you.

Olivia Vidal
© 2009


JoeyRes said...

I don't think I'm nearly a WAHM (yet) but these tips are wonderful to stock up on for when I hopefully make that transition in the coming year.

Ruby said...

I'm not a WAHM but I this is great advice even for a SAHM. I find myself writing thing son post its and placing them everywhere so i can remember things but also time goes by so fast when your occupied with things that may not be as important. Great post!

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