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Tea Time with Liv

Party To Go

Often when you're having a home party, there will be guests who would love to host a party of their own, but can't. Perhaps they're moving, their spouse won't allow it, they just don't have enough space in their home, or they are simply uncomfortable.

Give them the option of having a party in a basket. A party to go! This can work for almost any business you have such as candles, makeup, jewelry, food, tea, purses, and toys.

Here is what you can do:

Gather a selection of your lower to mid priced and popular items, package it so that the products look attractive but visible. Try organza or cellophane bags.

Make sure everything is priced and has an item number attached to it.

Arrange it all in an attractive basket. A large basket is best but keep it from being too heavy. You don't want to discourage your hostess. Keep the basket and fillers neutral so the product stands out. If the products are neutral do the reverse and add in colorful filler.

Enclose a typed-up inventory list which includes the item numbers and prices.

Have the hostess sign for the inventory in the basket, especially if you have included some expensive items. This not only protects your hostess but also yourself. Go over the inventory and count with the hostess before she signs. This also makes her aware of the products she has with her.

When going over the inventory sheet, educate your hostess. Not only will she know what she has but she will be able to answer basic questions.

Having an inventory list for each basket allows the hostess to not only keep track of what is in the basket but also allows her to sell the product immediately (only if you have this available). Have a check list on your inventory sheet so your hostess can check off items purchased. Make sure the hostess understands whether she can sell the items in her party to go basket or not. You do not want to sell important demo pieces because of a misunderstanding.

Also include catalogs, opportunity and hostess brochures, and business cards. Ladies love to look at catalogs or maybe they wish to share. Don't forget the male guests. Send them home with these.

If your business has samples available, include them. This allows party to go guests to take something home and try before they buy. Sometimes a guest is passing by quickly and does not have time at that moment to browse. Pass them a sample and let them know how long you will have the wonderful products available.

Have a basket or 2 available at home parties and invite potential hostesses to take a basket that day. Your hostess can keep the basket for 1-2 weeks to gain sales towards their hostess rewards program.

At the end of the party to go time frame, collect the inventory sheet, additional orders, money collected, and the basket. Tally the hostess shopping credit and allow your hostess to begin her shopping.

This is a great way to sell old or final stock. Make sure to note these are the last of the stock so these are not over-ordered.

Parties never have to be limited. Get creative and accommodate your hostesses needs.

Olivia Vidal
© 2009


Kim said...

That is a great idea. I used to sell things that the basket would be applicable for. Where were you then? :-)
Found you on MBC and now follow.

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